New York Shitty

I’ve been enjoying New York Shitty ever since Broke-Ass Stuart recommended it to me.  It’s like Mission Mission except it’s about all of New York and is far more interesting.  What makes it even more epic is that it was a blog that was started to document people letting their dog shit all over the proprietor’s neighborhood.  Now it covers street art, car crashes, and occasionally talks about the search for good vegetarian enchiladas.  I love vegetarian enchiladas, even in cities that I only go to once every 5 years.  And rubber duckies affixed to tree stumps.

4 Responses to “New York Shitty”

  1. Sean says:

    “It’s like Mission Mission …and is far more interesting.”

    Well Kev, are you going to do anything about it?

  2. Miss Heather says:

    Thanks for the kind words. They are greatly appreciated!


    P.S.: Next time you’re in town try the spinach enchiladas at De Mole in Sunnyside (Queens). They’re quite good.

  3. Junk Thief says:

    Another reason I really want to move out of Dullsville by the Bay and back to Brooklyn. Thanks for the introduction. Edie the hamster on the subway is a national treasure.