"Marina folks copying something that was already done? for press?"

From Ben, via the email.  ”Is this this new lipdub?”



12 Responses to “"Marina folks copying something that was already done? for press?"”

  1. Annonymous says:

    Sorry, but you’re sadly mistaken. Those “marina folk” are actually proud MISSION hipsters!!

  2. mickeys big mouth says:

    you are time-bandits

  3. Es like these guys wrote una theme song for un remake of el tv show “Friends.”

  4. Anjolie says:

    I don’t care what city does it…both of those renditions were…so awful..they reminded me of my old high school health book. Way to kill phoenix for us…what a bizarre average set of looking people. Ugh.

  5. SergDun says:

    phoenix already sucked before any of these shitty videos

  6. el jefe says:

    Definitely Marina; facial hair is well-trimmed, and that dude’s biceps look a little bit too large to be from anywhere south of Duboce.

  7. matteller says:

    Why Hate kiddies? Cute song, happy folks, handy camera work, beautiful cities. what is it exactly that we don’t like about all this? I love you Hipsters. I hipster you!

  8. pixeltan says:

    Isn’t using the term hipster kind of a marina thing?

  9. jimbeam says:

    Dudes, I hate to break it to you, but there’s little discernible difference between Marina kids and Mission kids these days. Go to the party in either hood and you’ll see the same shit.

  10. lovebug35 says:

    I love the songs.

  11. brookly says:

    these videos are equally vapid, but the people in the New York one have much more natural style and confidence.