Collection of Abandoned Treasures

thefink” nailed it:

Things left outside my apartment building

Current collection of crap — a TV and umbrella — left on the street outside our apartment. Tomorrow the TV will probably be tagged and broken, and by Wednesday they will be gone and replaced by some other collection of abandoned treasures.

(photo and text by thefink)

4 Responses to “Collection of Abandoned Treasures”

  1. 32 « says:

    [...] large enough to be Norman Rockwell’s brothers. You’ll take the escalator with you. I’ll take the umbrella left here and the television that doesn’t work well. Yet. I suspect Norman Rockwell dreamt about fixing this baby. The problem [...]

  2. Bob Dole says:

    Just think in about 15 years we’ll start seeing flat panels and 40″ LCD’s left out on the sidewalk!

    • Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

      And we won’t want them. This morning, I saw an IBM Selectric typewriter on the sidewalk that I would have killed for 30 years ago.

  3. Drew says:

    Maybe he should call 3-1-1 to have it picked up like a decent human being.

  4. Nope says:

    …then in another day somoene will have pooped neatly on the top of the TV…seriously, I used to live about 3 buildings down from here.