The secret lives of Mission trash cans

Ken Ken Ramen documented 8 hours of trash can surveillance, and since we’re your source for all trashy news we’ve just gotta show it to you. Basically, these babies can’t catch a break. They are knocked over, peed on, ignored by recology, thrown into fires and so forth. Let us take a minute to honor our brave trash cans for their bold service.

See the rest of the saga over on their tumblr.

Collection of Abandoned Treasures

thefink” nailed it:

Things left outside my apartment building

Current collection of crap — a TV and umbrella — left on the street outside our apartment. Tomorrow the TV will probably be tagged and broken, and by Wednesday they will be gone and replaced by some other collection of abandoned treasures.

(photo and text by thefink)

Opinion: I wish we could have a SF design contest for ideas for dealing with the new garbage rules

Mission Mistaken drops us this note about trashcans:

Lemons into lemon peels and all that.  I could only find two cans that I think are sufficiently groovy, and neither is easily ordered online.  But they are cool.

But I just think it would be good to put the word out there that for all the hoopla about the new rules, no one is offering stylish ways to conform.  I think it would be fun if you guys challenged your community of readers to be as inventive with this subject as they are with everything else.  Cause bottom line, saving food scraps in a special place is just nasty.  It sets you back 1000 years and smells and attracts pests and pets.

I’m not sure about a design contest, because I come from a land that burns our garbage, taunts it, and occasionally shoots at it, so I don’t really understand this liberal Gomorrah’s ritual around trash.  That said, if you know of some sufficiently groovy solutions to our government-mandated compost crisis, we’d sure be appreciative.

modern egg recycling trash bins and trash cans

modern trash cans for recycling and dividing trash

Update: I Love How Clean the Mission Is!


A couple of months ago I wrote a post about how I don’t think the Mission is the dump everyone makes it out to be.  Well, I would like to make a quick amendment to that post: excluding York St., I love how clean the Mission is!

Yeah, York is fucking filthy.

Help Clean-Up Dolores Park Sunday

Remember that community meeting about Dolores Park last week?  Well, a good outcome of the meeting is that there is a solid group of volunteers forming with the specific goal of helping keep the park clean.  They’ll be meeting a number of times every month to help make the park beautiful.  Unfortunately they are not maintaining an email list, so who knows how their long-term organizing efforts will end up being, but you can show up tomorrow to get involved.

Our first meeting, a WORKING MEETING, will be this Sunday, Sept. 20 from 2-4 pm at the Liberty Bell at 19th and Dolores. If possible, wear green or white T-shirts to stand out, as we want people to notice what we’re up to, and to make a visible difference. We chose this time precisely because we want to be working in the park when there are a lot of people around. Bring gloves, litter grabbers, etc. if you have them, but we’ll have plenty of supplies provided by Rec&Park and Dolores Park Church, so don’t worry if you don’t have anything to bring. We’ll spread out and do litter pick up, graffiti abatement, raking around trash receptacles, and anything else that helps beautify the park. Before we go to work, we’ll briefly discuss the latest Rec&Park improvements in the park, set a date for our next meeting, and discuss where we go from here.

I Love How Clean the Mission Is!

If people were allowed to leave this much trash on Valencia St., I'm pretty sure there would be a beheading at City Hall.

Comm Ave.: If people were allowed to leave this much trash on Valencia St., I'm pretty sure the Creme Brulee Man would storm City Hall with a bomb strapped to his chest.

I recently went for a stroll through Boston’s hipster favela, Allston/Brighton, and I could not stop thinking about how goddamn clean the Mission is.  I know people portray the Mission to be one huge dumpster, but have you ever walked around another city?  We at least have weekly street sweeping and the DPW, at a minimum, feigns caring about gum on the sidewalk.  Yeah, Dolores Park can get kind of shitty sometimes, but if you want to have a park where people can get blitzed off practically every substance known to man with very little hassle, don’t expect the guy slurring his words to remember to throw away his box of Mike and Ikes.  Now, I’m going for a walk down Capp st. while tossing styrophone containers in the gutter and pissing on people’s garages.

You could probably unearth fossils between the sand and the cement.

You could probably unearth fossils between the sand and the cement.

I don't think you'll have a problem.

I don't think you'll have a problem.

In other news, Allston/Brighton has some great stencil art.  I took a bunch of pictures, but of course they all look like crap.  This flickr set is way better.

Followup: Dolores Park Cleanup

Dolores Park Cleanup

The Creme Brulee Man brings news that the Dolores Park Cleanup went well.  More importantly, there is a myth about hipster hill being “disrespectful and dirty?”  What?

“Cleanup went well.  Empowerment over entitlement.  Ps. The myth about the hipster side of the park being disrespectful and’s true.”


Custom-Modded Apple Recycle Bin Runs Leopard, iTunes

April fool! But seriously, this is a cute adornment and Apple really should look into the feasibility of launching a line of cutting edge refuse containers.