Boxwars 2011 March 11

Start saving up your toilet paper tubes, Boxwars 2011 is on March 11th, this time at an indoor venue.

Boxwars is back in 2011 at CellSpace with punk tunes by Bum City Saints, The 132 and Not Even a Mouse.

Doors at 8pm, corrugated chaos sometime later.

Want to participate? Email or just show up ready to fight (or be recycled).

Free entry for Boxwarriors, $7 for spectators.

Invite friends:


ps: We’ll be returning to Dolores Park this summer, but the weather is too unreliable this time of year.

Here’s a recap of last year’s event in Dolores Park, including a cleanup and lawn sledding montage!


Way Better Boxwars 2011 video

Boxwars 2010

Way Better Boxwars 2010 Video

An epicly more epic video of Boxwars 2010 comes to us courtesy of Nilanjan Nag. It’s overdubbed with that menacing sounding operatic piece by Carl Orff and it has Latin phrases in it, so you know it’s epic.

This is yet another example of a glorious HD video shot on a Canon 7D, which the impulse buyer in me wants to purchase, but the compulsive dropper of things in me wants to avoid.


Boxwars 2010 Video Shot By a Couple of Chuckling Dudes

Boxwars 2010 Announcement

Boxwars 2008 (Don’t Call it Cardboard Tube Fighting League, Bitch)

The Recycling Bin Nazi

Dear Recycling Bin Nazi,

Let me just say, I am sorry about the other night. During the week when I carefully checked the bottom of every plastic tub searching for those three little arrows, and painstakingly cleaned out my empty peanut butter jar (which as you may know is quite difficult) before tossing the containers into the recycling, I had no idea I would be causing such controversy.

Try to put yourself into my position (much like Anne Shirley asks Diana’s Aunt Josephine to consider her position in regards to the sparest of spare bedrooms) and pretend, just for a moment, that you are me. Imagine my dismay when I walked out to my recycling bin and found it, lo and behold, completely full. Chocked to the brim with pop cans, cereal boxes, and office paper. What was I to do with my humble recyclables?

It was, as you can see, a difficult situation. And your recycling bin was right there. It was almost full, but there was just enough space for my paltry items. And then you appeared. Where did you come from? You simply began to scream obscenities at me- why? Why did you immediately assume I was out to get you? Why did you call me a thief when I was in fact gifting you items?

I would have understood if you had more recyclables to place in your bin- that would have been fine. I would have understood if you are simply overprotective of your bin (and given that it was under constant surveillance I assume you must be). I would have even understood if you had asked nicely. But you didn’t, instead you spouted crazy.

You yelled I was costing you money as that vein throbbed on your forehead. I didn’t appreciate you snapping, “It doesn’t matter!” when I calmly asked if the city charged by the quarter bin. You knew you were being irrational. And you obviously hadn’t checked with the city, because all recycling and composting is free. But my household called the city. We chatted today about recycling practices, and the city told my household we didn’t do anything wrong.

Shouldn’t we all work together to promote recycling? Shouldn’t we be neighborly? I would gladly lend you a cup of sugar should you need it to sweeten your sour disposition. Did you not want me to recycle because you don’t care about the environment?

I bet you loved watching me pick each of my items out of your bin as down the street a homeless man picked items out of my recycle bin. As I marched back down to my house head held high, the homeless man gave me the nod of a comrade. He had taken enough out of my bin that I could now fit everything in. I know the city says to report recycling theft, but sir, I salute you!

And as for you my contemptible neighbor, you are so trashy you don’t even deserve to recycle.

That Anne Girl,

Cardboard Institute of Technology Presents Cardburg at CELLspace: Opening Night Photos

Cardburg is a miniature cardboard city, temporarily installed at CELLspace. Visitors are invited to walk amongst the skyscrapers and highways, and even tunnel into a hulking cardboard mountain. Note the back-lit residential windows, cargo cranes straight out of the Port of Oakland, and the way corrugated cardboard stands in for corrugated metal on the rooftops of a small hillside favela. Opening night was fun, but closing night will be funner, as attendees get to participate in Cardburg’s destruction. See website for calendar of events, costume inspiration and more.

Link to Cardboard Institute of Technology.

Link to my Flickr photostream.

Custom-Modded Apple Recycle Bin Runs Leopard, iTunes

April fool! But seriously, this is a cute adornment and Apple really should look into the feasibility of launching a line of cutting edge refuse containers.