“Inmate Orientation and Rulebook”

A pile found on 14th and Folsom. There’s a story here . . .

Emotional Furniture

We Don't Speak

“I could have sworn she said the corner of Guerrero and Dorland . . . ”

Is there something about a couch on the sidewalk that somehow easily becomes anthropomorphized and pitiful? Is it because they’re a place of comfort, but also a place that we sink into when we’re sad?

In case you somehow missed it, SFist did a cool piece a couple weeks ago with a Sofa Free master, Erik Wilson: The Abandoned Couches of San Francisco.

Sofa Free; Making Love Seats; Trash Heap

Love Seat/Sofa Free/Trash Heap
Signs be damned, these sofas must be free. On Liberty near Valencia.

Part of a Balanced Breakfast

Spam and sugar for a healthy urban forest.  I guess trees are not vegan after all.


(photo and title by Kati Jackson)

Custom-Modded Apple Recycle Bin Runs Leopard, iTunes

April fool! But seriously, this is a cute adornment and Apple really should look into the feasibility of launching a line of cutting edge refuse containers.