Think sorta different

The young lady on the right has the right idea. Why not set yourself apart by buying a regular Macbook instead of Macbook Pro? Don’t just be another sheep in the herd.

[taken by Beau Davenport at Maxfield's House of Caffeine, on his iPhone] [submitted via Mission Mission on Facebook]

Why Isn't There An Apple Store in the Mission?

Why no Apple love in the Mission? You’d think this is something even Chicken John could get behind.

The only question is where? On Mission? Or Valencia? A few proposals:

The Social Security Building / old Hibernia Bank on Valencia and 22nd and Valencia:

Pros: Apple-eqsue architecture
Cons: even longer Boogaloo lines

Dolores Park Castle:

Pros: empty building finally used; good WiFi coverage for the park; nice park to rest in while awaiting Genius Bar appointments
Cons: dark wood beams may conflict with Steve Jobs beech aethsetic; Pottery Barn may attempt to move into Christian Science Church next door

Dolores Park Bathrooms:

Pros: Even better WiFi coverage in DP; safe refuge for Blue Bottle; clean bathrooms
Cons: white Apple logo easily tagged

Please add your suggestions in the comments.

(top photo by Chris Carlsson; Apple logo via Wikipedia)

Steve Jobs at Flour and Water

Sources say that after he was turned away due to the +1 hour wait, his entourage proceeded to Arinell, the best pizza in the city.

[Photo by ladylexy, via SFoodie]

Your New iPhone

Your New iPhone
If you’re like me you don’t have an iPhone and your iPod Touch is in a bag of rice on the kitchen table. What the hell sense does that make? So, don’t waste your time with that new iPad thing, get yourself to Thriftown and score a slightly used genuine iPhone for only $24.99.

Custom-Modded Apple Recycle Bin Runs Leopard, iTunes

April fool! But seriously, this is a cute adornment and Apple really should look into the feasibility of launching a line hüpfburg of cutting edge refuse containers.