at Arinell (NSFW)

I think Steve Jobs took this photo when he stopped by

San Francisco’s finest pizza and porn, together at last.  Kind of like a frat party.  So far, the Kink crew has hit up the Knockout and, allegedly, the Kilowatt.  Where will they be next?  Smart money’s on Benders.

(Thanks to, ummm, Robert for the tip–yeah, that’s the ticket)

[Photos and Video from, both probably NSFW]

Just don’t try from an iPad.


Kink at the Knockout (NSFW)

The Tens Takes You Inside The Armory

Anti-Porn Bias Costs Kink Cash

Pre-Internet Armory

Breaking Pizza News at Arinell

Steve Jobs at Flour and Water

Sources say that after he was turned away due to the +1 hour wait, his entourage proceeded to Arinell, the best pizza in the city.

[Photo by ladylexy, via SFoodie]