Steve Jobs at Flour and Water

Sources say that after he was turned away due to the +1 hour wait, his entourage proceeded to Arinell, the best pizza in the city.

[Photo by ladylexy, via SFoodie]

20 Responses to “Steve Jobs at Flour and Water”

  1. slyder24 says:

    Don’t know why y’all keep referring to Arinell’s as the best in the city. I suspect a trade-out, or Pizzola.
    Check out a deep dish cornmeal crust from Mozerella Di Bufala sometime, thank me later.

  2. Hellen says:

    gawd even Steve Jobs couldn’t get into this stupid place!

  3. Chester says:

    “Best” is relative. To me, it’s definitely the best slice shop in the City. So there’s little point in talking about better pizza at, say, Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, because I can’t go there and walk out, a few minutes later, with a slice in my hand.

    And, yeah, the deep-dish cornmeal crust pies at Mozarella di Buffala are awesome but:
    1. That’s a totally different genre of pizza.
    2. It’s all the way over in West Portal.
    3. For deep-dish, I’d argue for Zachary’s in Berkeley.

    Anyway…Arinell’s: best slice shop in the Mission and the City at large. (Best slice shop in Berkeley, too.)

  4. Jesus says:

    Arinell’s is a joke.

  5. moderniste says:

    1. As a long-time restaurant slave, flour + water has some cajones making Mr. V.I.P Jobs wait, and color me impressed.
    2. Arinell’s is dee-lish for many reasons, but especially when almost all of the band The Cuts were working there a couple of years ago.
    3. Serranos is dee-lish too, but for different reasons, and I shall end with
    4. Vive le difference (pardon my bad French)

  6. marco says:

    Another vote for Arinell’s as Best Pizza in the City. I ate a pizza at Delfina the other day to see what all the hoopla there is about — and it was about 5x more expensive and 3x less good.

    • Andrew Sarkarati says:

      best when you consider all possible categories for excellence. maybe not best when you consider sourced ingredients, but we’re looking at the whole pie here

  7. EH says:

    “arinell’s is the best!” is an SF inside joke, like house of nanking or el toro.

  8. MrEricSir says:

    Jobs: “I demand a seat, immediately!”
    Waiter: “Um, well you’ll have to wait.”
    Jobs: “Do you have an iPhone?”
    Waiter: “Of course.”
    Jobs: “Did you know I can make it self destruct just by snapping my fingers? Here, let me show you…”
    Waiter (shoves patrons out of the way): “Oh look, a table just opened up…”

  9. Ryan says:


    Arinell’s is 3x better than Delfina? You’re kidding, right?

  10. olen says:

    does he not have other clothes? The guy in the pic looks like he’s seen Jesus. SF’s version of celebrity spotting.

  11. chalkman says:

    I’m in NYC right now, I’ve had two slices since I got here, and Arinell’s has been better than both…

  12. pongsak says:

    Observable data.

  13. Jojo Dandler says:

    its freekn pizza people, not eternal salvation…

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