Custom-Modded Apple Recycle Bin Runs Leopard, iTunes

April fool! But seriously, this is a cute adornment and Apple really should look into the feasibility of launching a line of cutting edge refuse containers.

My First Day as DJ K80

I have come to realize that I’m really good at party-planning, and hope to get into the Event Planning Industry very soon. One of my specialties is a great ear for what sets the mood of a party. My motto is just because you like a song/album does not necessarily mean it should be played at this particular moment. So when I was loosely invited to DJ at an early slot at the Beauty Bar by a friend (since the normally scheduled “northern soul” DJ moved his set to Kimo’s), I jumped feet first into coming up with a three-hour set of my favorite genres: soul, oldies, oldie-reggae, disco.

My expectations of being a good DJ were exceeded. Dancing started happening around 8:30pm and lasted non-stop until 10:30-11ish. People I knew, people I didn’t know, shrieks of happiness, a look of amazement on my husband’s face, sweating, pushing through the crowd, laughter, happened right before my eyes – and all because of me, my music, and booze. It’s the best feeling that I’ve felt in a long time. When I told people I was DJing on Thursday, they all gave me the sarcastic response, “Oh – with iTunes?”. But I used a combination of, yes, iTunes and CDs. When the “real” DJ came in and started setting up his equipment, it included a direct line from his iPod to the stereo system. Oh, and a large Abe Lincoln hat.

I was invited back to DJ again, so next time I might tackle punk, electronic, funk?

Now, event design companies – REPLY TO MY RESUME! Or someone give me some money so I can have my own business. And then I’ll be your competition.