Part of a Balanced Breakfast

Spam and sugar for a healthy urban forest.  I guess trees are not vegan after all.


(photo and title by Kati Jackson)

9 Responses to “Part of a Balanced Breakfast”

  1. Drew says:

    That would be “treegan” for those in the know…

  2. frank reynolds says:

    goddamn, i used to like this blog…

  3. brooke says:

    If we all documented the trash on our streets, would the Gavinator ever do anything about it? Cesar Chavez is repulsive.

  4. spam a lot says:

    i like those people that say they don’t like the blog. yet obviously read it and are compelled to write comments about how they don’t like it.

    • frank reynolds says:

      i’m guessing that’s sarcasm?

      what is the purpose of your comment?

      if i limit my comments to “Bender’s rules!” and “Hipsters suck!” will that make you feel better?

  5. Martini Rossi says:

    they are just as boring as this blog – depriving me of peace while providing no companionship.

  6. frank reynolds says:

    anyways, i DO think Mission Mission is at times funny, witty, informative and a great resource and tool for the community.

    that being said, i don’t find pictures of garbage on the ground to be any of those aforementioned things.