Sofa Free for children

Sofa Free for Children

Sofa free 69


Furniture gone wild.

Sofa free Sunday


Get some rest and relaxation in while you can.

Bottoming out

Bottoming Out

Misplaced Living Room

Your Living Room

Someone left theirs outside.

Emotional Furniture

We Don't Speak

“I could have sworn she said the corner of Guerrero and Dorland . . . ”

Is there something about a couch on the sidewalk that somehow easily becomes anthropomorphized and pitiful? Is it because they’re a place of comfort, but also a place that we sink into when we’re sad?

In case you somehow missed it, SFist did a cool piece a couple weeks ago with a Sofa Free master, Erik Wilson: The Abandoned Couches of San Francisco.

A Living Room on San Jose Ave

Sometimes you just need a place where you can put your feet up.

[San Jose at 23rd]


Moto-Siesta at the Palace

Hippo Free on 24th St.

Somebody please find a new home for this guy.  He simply does not understand why everyone thinks he is the most dangerous animal in Africa.  Can collectors beware!

What’s the most dangerous animal in the Mission?  Pigeons?

[Photo by Linda L.]


Sofa Free; Making Love Seats; Trash Heap

Colorful Massacre at Revolution Cafe