3D City: The Cardboardians

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

I spent the weekend hanging out with a bunch of talented film makers and artists making a music video for my song “Rumspringa“. On Saturday afternoon we were joined by some folks who call themselves The Cardboardians to shoot some scenes around the Mission. Here are some behind the scenes wigglegrams of The Cardboardians in action. You can see the debut of our 48hr music video and several others at the Music Video Race Premiere Party this Sunday night in SF, with live music by my pals Rin Tin Tiger.


Way Better Boxwars 2010 Video

An epicly more epic video of Boxwars 2010 comes to us courtesy of Nilanjan Nag. It’s overdubbed with that menacing sounding operatic piece by Carl Orff and it has Latin phrases in it, so you know it’s epic.

This is yet another example of a glorious HD video shot on a Canon 7D, which the impulse buyer in me wants to purchase, but the compulsive dropper of things in me wants to avoid.


Boxwars 2010 Video Shot By a Couple of Chuckling Dudes

Boxwars 2010 Announcement

Boxwars 2008 (Don’t Call it Cardboard Tube Fighting League, Bitch)

Boxwars 2010

In case you missed it yesterday, here is the entire 6-minute Boxwars 2010 battle filmed on top of the green storage container by a couple of dudes who are laughing really hard. The cardboard samurai clearly has formal sword training. Too bad the giraffe went down so quick.

[photo by slowpoke_sfvideo by nud021]


Boxwars 2010!

Boxwars 2008!

Boxwars 2010

Boxwars is coming! I stumbled upon this battle one sunny day in Dolores Park a couple of years ago and didn’t know WTF was going on. All I knew was that the sound of 50 cardboard tubes making that “bonk” noise when colliding with heads was absolutely delightful.

Boxwars SF – Fight or Be Recycled!

After a 2 year hiatus, the corrugated chaos featured in Scotland, Australia, Canada and Estonia returns to the streets of San Francisco. The cardboard phenom has been sorely missed and will be returning in form on the 7th of August at 3:30pm.

Don’t know what Boxwars is?

1. Build a set of armor out of cardboard and tape (bonus points for creativity).
2. Build a weapon out of cardboard and tape.
3. Beat the snot out of your new cardboard clad adversaries!

Not the violent type? That’s okay! Boxwars needs spectators too, come out for a fun afternoon reliving the glory days of gladiators and cheer on the warriors!

The location isn’t 100% certain, but it will probably be in Dolores Park like the last time. You have about a week and a half to collect cardboard and construct your armor. More info on their facebook page.

Please don’t confuse this with the Cardboard Tube Fighting League which, according to participants of Boxwars, sucks.


Boxwars 08!!

Cardboard Tube Fighting League Battle '08

While we were on the subject of beating on one another with cardboard tubes, I was reminded of this video I shot in the park in ’08 of the Cardboard Tube Fighting League. Damn, it’s been two years? Did this ever happen again?


Capp Street Tube Fight

Cardboard Institute of Technology Presents Cardburg at CELLspace: Opening Night Photos

Cardburg is a miniature cardboard city, temporarily installed at CELLspace. Visitors are invited to walk amongst the skyscrapers and highways, and even tunnel into a hulking cardboard mountain. Note the back-lit residential windows, cargo cranes straight out of the Port of Oakland, and the way corrugated cardboard stands in for corrugated metal on the rooftops of a small hillside favela. Opening night was fun, but closing night will be funner, as attendees get to participate in Cardburg’s destruction. See website for calendar of events, costume inspiration and more.

Link to Cardboard Institute of Technology.

Link to my Flickr photostream.