Update: I Love How Clean the Mission Is!


A couple of months ago I wrote a post about how I don’t think the Mission is the dump everyone makes it out to be.  Well, I would like to make a quick amendment to that post: excluding York St., I love how clean the Mission is!

Yeah, York is fucking filthy.

9 Responses to “Update: I Love How Clean the Mission Is!”

  1. Jeff D. says:

    at least it’s dead!

  2. rats! rats! says:

    is this on 23/york by chance?

  3. Steve says:

    Yeah, what is it with my street York? Its the worst!

    If it isn’t endless trash and leftover food, its dudes pissing in between cars as they drink their tallboys every evening.

    And chihuahua crap. Everywhere.

    And why do people think if they drag all their old junk out to the sidewalk, someone will want it? It just gets spread out everywhere by the people stumbling out of SF General.

    Love the Mission, endlessly disgusted by York between 20th and 24th.

    • stiiv says:

      Funny thing is, York gets really nice after about 20th. I’ve got an office up there and it’s a really enjoyable walk.

  4. Jocelyne says:

    “Somebody call Paxton Gate because I think they can sell this.”

    OMG best tag ever!

  5. mumbles says:

    It’s not trash, it’s street art.

  6. yorkwest says:

    it’s the west side of york street in particular, which i guess is because of the wind. . . or maybe we just don’t care for cleanliness over here like the east siders. i dunno but i sure am jealous of them and sometimes i even walk on their side of the street.

    • yorksoutheast says:

      it’s totally true. i live on the eastside of york (represent), and we’re tidy as can be.

      also, please don’t malign york street south of 24th street. i’ve never seen a rat down here AND the beginning of the bullitt car chase started on the southern part of york.