Your Options Are: Burlesque, Jazz Flute

Bombshell Betty and Fromagique are hosting a holiday themed stripping burlesque show at the Elbo Room tonight. With names like “Rosy Areola” and “Vadge O’Fonner” how can you go wrong? Fans of boobs artistic expression shouldn’t miss this one.

If that’s not your bag, Evan Francis’ Spaceheater is performing at Coda Lounge as part of Jazz Mafia Tuesdays. Never been to Coda? No biggie, but I guess Stevie Wonder hangs there sometimes. If you like jazz flute over break beats then Evan’s your guy. BTW he’s not the flautist in Anchorman, but apparently they know each other real well. Jazz flautists probably have each other on speed dial to sub out gigs.

One Response to “Your Options Are: Burlesque, Jazz Flute”

  1. Vadge O'Fonor says:


    I’m terribly amused that Rosy’s and my stage name amuses you. Cheers and here’s to the awesomeness that is the Mission :) I hope if you were at the show, that you enjoyed it! ;)