Fact: Kids Need Toys

URGENT! Mission SRO Collaborative is collecting toys for about 100 kids in need because Toys for Tots came up short this year.

These kids are seriously gonna have a shitty Christmas if you don’t help out. And I’m not talking about like when you were 8 and your mom fucked up and got you a Go-Bot instead of a Transformer. We’re talking no toys AT ALL for these little tykes. At this rate, these kids might prematurely stop believing in Santa (or black Santa) which will have some serious social ramifications (decreased cheer/goodwill towards man, disbelief in the easter bunny and muppets, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria).

Help stop the downfall of society now. Here are the details:

We need Toys (nothing fancy, just simple things like action figures, dolls, games, puzzles…you know the real stuff) by (This is the URGENT part) Monday 12/21 at 3pm.

How to get them to us: We are at 938 Valencia St. between 20th and 21st and we will take donations of Toys at any time between 9 and 6pm.

If you can’t stop by or need to make special arrangements, call me Jorge Portillo at 415-671-5089 or someone here at the Collaborative 415-282-6209 ext 16, 12, or 19 or email me at jorge@dscs.org or facebook or portillomail@gmail.com and I will personally see to it that they get here!

More at Dolores Street Community Services. Thanks Laurie @ Mission Locatl for the tip.

7 Responses to “Fact: Kids Need Toys”

  1. Mission Mistaken says:

    The Mission SRO COllaborative — why don’t they hand out the 1000′s of extra copies of Mao’s little red book they have stashed up in their attic?

  2. Jack says:

    Thanks for letting us know – bag full’o'toys just dropped off!!

  3. Mission Mistaken says:

    Riiight. Bag of toys.

  4. chalkman says:

    kids without toys have no politics….

  5. Vic Wong says:

    Talked to Josh at Mission SRO over dollar beers and hot dogs yesterday and he was really surprised at the response from MM readers this weekend. Thanks for coming though.

    When I dropped of my bag ‘o’ toys there was an AA meeting going on. A couple of guys scooted over for me to have a seat then looked at me with pity when I just dropped off the bag and walked out the door. Guess I’m a textbook denial case.

  6. I will be ready to help, may I know the date of next events? Thanks for sharing the facts…

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