Sausage Plans Flacid; Weird Fish Swim Upstream, Breaking Bender's-Loving Hearts

Aw HELL NO!  2010, I’ve grown awfully fond of you, but you’re messing with my foodstuffs already and it’s only day 6.  Two items:

Item #1: The unveiling of Rosamunde: Mission District has been pushed from January 11th to a January 15th soft launch and a January 18th grand opening.  Sausage, soft, launch… these jokes write themselves, people.  Let’s just hope this story has a happy ending, hyuk hyuk hyuk. [SFoodie]

Item #2: The fine folks of Weird Fish have officially moved their asses out of Bender’s.  Burgers and fried things are to be replaced with sausages, sandwiches, potatoes.  Just when I thought I’d left the Eastern bloc behind me!  I eagerly await KevMo commentary on this critical update.  [Eater SF]

P.S. The title is a haiku.  Count ‘em syllables, I dare you.

6 Responses to “Sausage Plans Flacid; Weird Fish Swim Upstream, Breaking Bender's-Loving Hearts”

  1. johnny0 says:

    Violets are blue
    Roses are red
    That last line should have
    Five syllables instead

  2. johnny0 says:

    arrgh, you tricked me with that comma after ‘upstream’! crapcrapcrap.

  3. Stephen says:

    This confirms it. 2010 will be the year of the sausage.

  4. chalkman says:

    The mission needs sausage, NOW