TCB Courier Joins the Junk Mail War

Found this stuffed between the bars of my front gate.  A sort of coming of age for the folks at TCB Courier.  While hardly as distressing as the ubiquitous Pizza Love flyers that blanket front doors throughout the Mission, these brochures represent a worrisome change of tactics from our favorite gourmet bicycle couriers.  I guess online advertising can only reach a certain demographic, and nothing can really adequately replace the soothing feeling of glossy paper in your hands as you ponder whether it will be a currywurst or katsu pork sando this time.

Nonetheless, it is mildly ironic that even green and local businesses powered by bicycle have to engage the paper-industrial complex in order to survive (imminently bankrupt USPS standard mail rant coming soon!).  Maybe they need to start delivering Ike’s?

However, before you get too indignant, check out the 20 page booklet delivered to everyone (by mail) advertising the San Francisco “Green” Festival:


So save the faux-outrage for those capitalist Saigon Sandwich ladies and their 25-cent price hike!


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Sausage Plans Flacid; Weird Fish Swim Upstream, Breaking Bender's-Loving Hearts

Aw HELL NO!  2010, I’ve grown awfully fond of you, but you’re messing with my foodstuffs already and it’s only day 6.  Two items:

Item #1: The unveiling of Rosamunde: Mission District has been pushed from January 11th to a January 15th soft launch and a January 18th grand opening.  Sausage, soft, launch… these jokes write themselves, people.  Let’s just hope this story has a happy ending, hyuk hyuk hyuk. [SFoodie]

Item #2: The fine folks of Weird Fish have officially moved their asses out of Bender’s.  Burgers and fried things are to be replaced with sausages, sandwiches, potatoes.  Just when I thought I’d left the Eastern bloc behind me!  I eagerly await KevMo commentary on this critical update.  [Eater SF]

P.S. The title is a haiku.  Count ‘em syllables, I dare you.

Cafe Arguello Closes, Makes Room For Sausage

Reader Eric sends in an update on the Cafe Arguello space:

Arguello was limping along there for a while, but it seems they’ve actually closed now.  No sign of any changes inside, but hopefully soon there will be sausages and beer.

Progress!  Rosamunde here we come!  As a stereotypical Pole (haven’t you noticed how crazy dumb I am?), I’m stoked on sausage and happy to have more of it in the neighborhood.  That’s what she said + joke about the Castro, maybe.

They’ll have vegan dogs too, dudes.  Get ready!

Sausage Fest: Rosamunde Coming Soon!

beer sausage with sauerkuat, onions and peppers

Beer sausage with sauerkraut, onions and peppers. By Bonnie L.

Oh dang!  Encased meats!

Finally, some more info on Rosamunde’s new Mission location!  Take it away, Grub Street:

If all goes according to plan, there will be a second location of Rosamunde Sausage Grill in the Mission District by January 1. Owner Jennifer Tucci told Grub Street today that she and new partner Josh Margolis have closed a deal to buy the current Cafe Arguello space on Mission Street near 24th Street. They plan to keep the existing Rosamunde menu, adding a couple of dishes that Margolis says “won’t be expanded that far off of sausages.” They’re building out the bar area and adding some 20 beer taps. The rest of the space will stay more or less the same, including those giant windows, but they’ll replace the existing tables and chairs with new communal tables, tall tables, and regular tables with bench seats. They won’t have table service, so you still order and pick up the food and beer at the counter.

Yeah!  January 1st!  Ring the New Year in with a fist full of sausage (that’s what he said?).  My personal favorite is the Hungarian (that’s what she said?).

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