Signs of change in the neighorhood

Eh, perhaps I meant “change of signs,” but that’s not as catchy.  In any case, it looks like Rhea’s is going with the classy retro look to match their classy sandwiches.  Meanwhile, they’re up to something over at Escape From NY Pizza, but as to what, your guess is as good as mine.

Also, if you’re not outside right now, you’re totally blowing it.

[Both Photos by Ariel's Twitter]


Rhea’s Hall of Fame

And the first inductee is . . . our pal George “Butternuts” Duran, one of Rhea’s longtime behind-the-counter warriors. In case you were wondering, he gets his nickname from the basketball court where he is quite the beast and will taunt you by yelling “Butternuts” every time he busts a shot in your eye, reminding everyone that his stroke is smooth as butter.  Yes, sometimes basketball sounds dirty.

Another notable catchphrase of his destined to be lost in the annals of folklore is “WAMU!”  This is uttered anytime he hits a bankshot off the backboard into the hoop, because even though we’d usually be playing on the weekend, the bank is still open (zing!).  Curiously, when WAMU got absorbed by Chase back during the financial crisis, the new name didn’t quite stick, so we just kept kept yelling “WAMU” anytime an inappropriate bankshot found its way into the hoop.  Of course, there are now newer, younger players who came through after the bank went under and consequently have no idea what we are talking about.

But that’s how folkore works, right?  RIP Alan Dundes.

Rhea’s feature on Check Please

Here is the clip of Rhea’s on Check Please Bay Area last week in case you missed it:

I really don’t think I’d spoil anything by saying all the reviews were glowing, but there was one new thing I took away from the feature:

It’s pronounced “Ray’s” not “Ray-ah’s”.


First look at Rhea’s new storefront + Bay Area Check Please tomorrow night

Big things in store for everyone’s favorite deli dive, Rhea’s. First, check out this architect sketch of the proposed new storefront:

Not sure what’s up with the pink-clad ballet ghost in front of the doors, or when to expect construction to start, but this seems to indicate business is good which is fine by me.

Also, Rhea’s Deli will be on Bay Area Check Please tomorrow night. If you actually still have TV, tune in and see some clueless dork complain about the lack of fine dining service and valet parking options. The rest of us can see it on their blog in a few days.

[via @RheasDeli]

Update: More great news: starting October the deli is open every day, with the possibility of extended hours.

Drivers of Environmentally Friendly Performance Automobiles Enjoy Rhea’s Sandwiches

This completely electric Tesla Roadster was parked in front of Rhea’s Deli for a couple of hours on Sunday. Apparently rich, eco-conscious speed freaks love Asian-fusion sandwiches and are exempt from current CA yellow curb traffic laws.

If you want my completely not-a-car-guy evaluation, the thing is the size of a Miata and has lots of cool vents. It also costs as much as a house in Concord.

By the way, since when did the benches in front of Rhea’s become such the hang?

Update: Yellow curbs aren’t enforced on Sundays.

TCB Courier Joins the Junk Mail War

Found this stuffed between the bars of my front gate.  A sort of coming of age for the folks at TCB Courier.  While hardly as distressing as the ubiquitous Pizza Love flyers that blanket front doors throughout the Mission, these brochures represent a worrisome change of tactics from our favorite gourmet bicycle couriers.  I guess online advertising can only reach a certain demographic, and nothing can really adequately replace the soothing feeling of glossy paper in your hands as you ponder whether it will be a currywurst or katsu pork sando this time.

Nonetheless, it is mildly ironic that even green and local businesses powered by bicycle have to engage the paper-industrial complex in order to survive (imminently bankrupt USPS standard mail rant coming soon!).  Maybe they need to start delivering Ike’s?

However, before you get too indignant, check out the 20 page booklet delivered to everyone (by mail) advertising the San Francisco “Green” Festival:


So save the faux-outrage for those capitalist Saigon Sandwich ladies and their 25-cent price hike!


The Mission Finally Has Late-Night Bike Delivery: TCB Courier Service

TCB Courier Unveils Service Area Map and Pricing

TCB: The Motion Picture

TCB Courier Delivers Rhea’s Deli For Free, Gives You Fewer Reasons To Leave Home

TCB: “Jay’s Cheesesteaks? Yes, bro!”

TCB Courier Delivers Rhea's Deli For Free, Gives You Fewer Reasons To Leave Home

(pic courtesy of breadxbread)

Josh from TCB Courier says:

We have started working with Rhea’s Deli to offer free delivery within the mission for Rhea’s Sandwiches and dry goods. We are now delivering from 2 – 9 pm daily, and any order around $10 or more gets free delivery via TCB.

Rhea’s Deli has been winning over lots of folks lately. It’s easy to walk past this unassuming corner store and not realize that the sandwiches of the gods are waiting for you within.

At the recommendation of this very blog, I went there a month ago and had the Korean steak sandwich. It was the best sandwich that I’ve had in a very, very long time. Though, I gotta admit if that’s their idea of “mild” I’m not even gonna touch their “spicy”. They are also an honest-to-blog corner store, so throw in some Advil while you’re at it.

In case you didn’t know, TCB Courier is a bike courier service that will pick up and deliver pretty much anything for you. They are on bikes so they will get you your shit faster than anyone else. And yes, it is customary to tip your bike courier. Put them on speed dial now: 415-797-2255.

Paving the Way for the Korrito

You knew it was only a matter of time before all that KogiBBQ hype found its way to the Mission, and now you get to see what all the fuss is about (provided you haven’t tracked down SF’s own version somewhere in the FiDi, Kung Fu Tacos).

Already known as the closest competition of Pal’s Takeaway for “Best Sandwich bought from a liquor store,” Rhea’s Deli (19th and Valencia) has expanded their menu from the already delicious Katsu Pork and Korean Steak sandwiches to embrace the ongoing “Mexicanization” of Asian food.

The next logical step:  Korean Burritos anyone?

Photo by Lolia S. via Yelp

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