TCB Courier Joins the Junk Mail War

Found this stuffed between the bars of my front gate.  A sort of coming of age for the folks at TCB Courier.  While hardly as distressing as the ubiquitous Pizza Love flyers that blanket front doors throughout the Mission, these brochures represent a worrisome change of tactics from our favorite gourmet bicycle couriers.  I guess online advertising can only reach a certain demographic, and nothing can really adequately replace the soothing feeling of glossy paper in your hands as you ponder whether it will be a currywurst or katsu pork sando this time.

Nonetheless, it is mildly ironic that even green and local businesses powered by bicycle have to engage the paper-industrial complex in order to survive (imminently bankrupt USPS standard mail rant coming soon!).  Maybe they need to start delivering Ike’s?

However, before you get too indignant, check out the 20 page booklet delivered to everyone (by mail) advertising the San Francisco “Green” Festival:


So save the faux-outrage for those capitalist Saigon Sandwich ladies and their 25-cent price hike!


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4 Responses to “TCB Courier Joins the Junk Mail War”

  1. TJ says:

    I’d be happy to find one of these flyers in my door. I’ve got a drawer full of flyers in the kitchen for nights when the wife and I feel like ordering in and I always forget that TCB makes a couple other options available (although it’s annoying that the Rosamunde border stops at 16th street, putting me just outside their delivery area). I look forward to some Jay’s/Rhea’s sometime soon.

    • Andrew Sarkarati says:

      the 16th street border isn’t written in stone. i’m fairly certain that they will go a little bit out of their way for you. just tip ‘em an extra buck or something. i think the “borders” are just to discourage orders from the marina or sf zoo.

  2. Alex says:

    I am with you ’bout the paper waste, but unfortunately just doesn’t get enough of the word out. I appreciate the support while we break some eggs to make our omelette and get it delivered hot and fast!

    We offer Free Local Delivery for three Mission restaurants, Rhea’s Deli, Jay’s Cheesesteak and Rosamunde Sausage Grill. We just started Free SOMA Delivery for Brainwash. Peep for more details.

  3. [...] ’bout the paper waste in our recent canvassing efforts, but otherwise supportive, Mission Mission has, yet again, show us some love. Thanks guys! [...]

  4. bob madera says:

    Paper-Industrial complex? Please! Paper is an easily recyclable substance. Direct your ire in a more productive area. Paper advertising employs a good number of folks in this country, not to mention it being a major source of income to the Postal Service. Or do jobs matter to the clean and ever-so-green?