TCB: "Jay's Cheesesteaks? Yes, bro!"

This is looking like a trendTCB Courier is adding another sandwich spot to it’s free-delivery roster: Jay’s Cheesesteak starting Monday.

I wonder how Philadelphians feel about BBQ seitan cheesesteak sandwiches? Don’t answer that, I don’t actually want to know. I’m sure it’s similar to how they feel about a London “Philly Cheesesteak”:

Philadelphian with a Londonsteak, feigning contentment

3 Responses to “TCB: "Jay's Cheesesteaks? Yes, bro!"”

  1. Sheabones says:

    Phat Philly’s is way better and worth walking to/from.

  2. Chole says:

    Actually, Philadelphians like Vegan Cheesesteaks quite a lot! There are at least 3 places to get a delicious one and a few places that are… not so delicious.

    Of course popular opinion could have changed in the last two years I’ve been living on the west coast…

  3. Is that salad cream on a cheesesteak! CHEESESTEAKS AND BLOWJOBS 2010!