Rhea’s feature on Check Please

Here is the clip of Rhea’s on Check Please Bay Area last week in case you missed it:

I really don’t think I’d spoil anything by saying all the reviews were glowing, but there was one new thing I took away from the feature:

It’s pronounced “Ray’s” not “Ray-ah’s”.


9 Responses to “Rhea’s feature on Check Please”

  1. MrEricSir says:

    What I want to know is, wtf is up with that guest’s beard?

    • Tony T. says:

      It’s just plain wrong, yo. Just plain wrong. It’s like he was planning to shoe-polish his entire face, then ran out of polish half-way through the job.

  2. scum says:

    9-10 bucks for a sandwich, they better kick ass.

  3. plumpy says:

    Huh, I always called it “Ree-ah’s”, as in Rhea Perlman. Good to know, I guess.

    • plumpy says:

      But I think this is one of those things like Hoegaarden (pronounced “who garden” according to their packaging) that if you pronounce it correctly, people will try to “correct” you and you’ll feel like an idiot anyway.

  4. GG says:

    Guess that explains why I ran into my friend Rhea (REE-uh) there the other day and they asked her name no less than THREE TIMES while she was waiting for her sandwich… and then they still couldn’t remember it.

    Also, their Vegetarian BBQ Chicken Sandwich is DELICIOUS.

  5. Funny. My hierarchy of pronunciation, top to bottom, would be “ree-uh”, “ree’, “ray-uh”, and “ray”. Am I missing an element of classical education?

  6. no.thanks. says:

    fool. rhea pearlman would like a word

  7. Rhea says:

    My name is Rhea (pronounced “Ree-ah”), and when I read this it just denounced all my hard work as to make people think of it pronounced that way. I think it is the American version of the name, which is Greek in nature, but then Asian countries have adopted it as “Ray” which is what southern people called me and it infuriated me. Also, the guys beard was mesmerizing to say the least.