Ty Segall Solo Set Tonight @ The Knockout

Ah, “Garage Psych”. Aren’t you curious as to why people are lining up around the block for this shit? Allan, Kat, and I tried to check out this dude Ty Segall with thee Oh Sees at the Eagle last week. On our way, we walked past a pair of flustered girls saying, “…I mean, who would wait for an hour in line for a show here?” Not a good sign.

Well if you were like us and gave up only to go home and watch youtube clips of Aziz Ansari as RAAAAAAAANDY, here’s your second chance: Ty is doing a solo set at The Knockout at 6pm. That’s too early for most of the yuppies just getting off work in Mountain View, so you’ll probably score a sweet spot in the front.

Here’s a clip of Ty Segall doing his one-man band thing:

Speaking of thee Oh Sees, anyone want to start an all-Asian Oh Sees cover band with me? “Thee Ah-Sos”. Ok, no more Asian humor. I’m no Margaret Cho.

11 Responses to “Ty Segall Solo Set Tonight @ The Knockout”

  1. LS says:

    I think the show is at The Knockout…early show – Ty goes on around 6:30 ish. Check his myspace yo.


  2. I counted your As in RAAAAAAAANDY for quality control. Eight in all. You pass with flying colors.

    Guess you could say you get an AAAAAAAA+

  3. sergey says:

    Uh, before you start playing class warrior with your “yuppie” comment, maybe it would shock you to know that Ty is from Laguna Beach? Just sayin’.

  4. Broozler says:

    “Yuppies?” I work down that way, Vic, and I’m no yuppie. I moved to the Mission about a decade and a half before the first post on this site. Ease up on the blanket statements, asshole.

  5. [...] Ty Segall solo set at the Knockout. [...]

  6. kevin says:

    ty is my friend, you are douchebags.