Dolores Park Works Puts The Smack-Down On Renovation Rumors

Crystal at Dolores Park Works hopes to set the record straight on the rumors flying about the proposed Dolores Park renovations in 2011. Particularly of interest to the folks who are losing their shit on facebook, is this:

The renovations will be done in phases. The whole park will not be closed or fenced off for the duration of the renovations.

Phase 1: The playground remodel, which has been in development by Friends of Dolores Park Playground, Supervisory Bevan Dufty’s office and SF Rec & Parks since 2006. It is scheduled to start in October 2010 and end in April 2011. Please note that this work will be done in the “off season.” The rest of the park will be available during this time if safe access can be provided.  YAY!

Phase 2: Initial estimates, and I do mean initial, put the park’s renovation at about 16-17 months.  This is a liberal estimate. You know the mantra – under promise and over deliver.  From what we’ve heard so far, it doesn’t look like the park will be closed for the entire time. The goal is to limit the impact on the community while ensuring that the work is done efficiently and safely.

Get the full scoop here and find out how you can get involved with the planning in a way that doesn’t involve, you know, sitting in front of your computer. No word on what they hope to do about the ever-rising perv activity in the park.

5 Responses to “Dolores Park Works Puts The Smack-Down On Renovation Rumors”

  1. Void says:

    > The rest of the park will be available during this time if safe access can be provided.

    lots of wiggle room there

  2. Also, for the 17th months “the entire park won’t be shut down” is bullshit because the only part of the park that will be open is the playground.

  3. “You know the mantra – under promise and over deliver.”

    Um, do I? Really? Sure, It’s a nice ideal to strive for, but is it really a standard we can often hold city government or contractors to? I wouldn’t be so quick to paint that figure over in the shade of optimism.

  4. kiya says:

    Anybody have any news as to what the fuck is happening on Valencia?
    I swear that “beautification” was supposed to be done early January.
    We’re now entering mid-February and the front of our store has looked like a Pakistani bus stop for the last five months. Everybody we ask says “next week” for the last four fucking months.

    • olu says:

      i saw something somewhere that blamed the delay on something, but it wouldn’t really answer your question.

      I have a question for you:

      Has the new AT&T cell tower gone up / has 3G service improved?

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