Can't We Just Have a Normal Garage Sale For Once?

MissionMission reader Anna spotted this promotional material above the 24th/Mission BART station, and since I’m probably not gonna make it over to Fruitvale this weekend to audition for Hoarders at the gargantuan White Elephant Sale, I might have to settle for this.

After all, where else can I find:

A Digdogger completely unadulterated by rogue magic whistle blowing?

That damn Evil Dead book? And a chair to sit on while I read and unleash an Army of Darkness?

A Phanto-landlord overzealously concerned with my key deposit?

Zen weed (traditional Japanese seaweed)?

A talking penis imploring me to "please cum"?

That’s right.  Only in the Mission.  And maybe the Tenderloin too.

Oh snap, it just started!  Better head over!

4 Responses to “Can't We Just Have a Normal Garage Sale For Once?”

  1. mai says:

    You’re missing out by not going to the annual WES. That sale is epic.

  2. Haha. That penis cartoon is awesome. “please cum”

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