The Rhiannon Special

Rhiannon brags:

I’ve managed, with my superior skill, to convince Alex at Rodger’s Coffee, which serves delicious coffees AS WELL AS Strauss Organic Ice Cream (none of this yogurt hooha) to make me coffee milkshakes, by pouring the hot espresso into ice cream in a plastic togo cup, then stirring it until perfect, and adding a bit of milk.

It’s called “The Rhiannon Special”.



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5 Responses to “The Rhiannon Special”

  1. Harumph… I’m happy with their Mission Float (Mission blend coffee iced with added ice cream)…
    But I’ll try the Rhiannon Special to compare.

  2. tack says:

    Of the newer coffee joints in the area that I’ve tried (Ritual, Four Barrel, Borderlands and Rogders) I’d have to say Rodgers is the best for me. Ritual and Four Barrel are very popular, to the extent that you have to wait behind a cougar who’s taking 10 minutes to decide/flirt at the register (I’m not exaggerating, I timed it and it happened to me at Ritual) or just wait a long time in general. And Borderlands doesn’t have that problem but their coffee is merely good. Rodgers has a wide selection of roasts that I feel are a wider range of styles than Ritual or Four Barrel and it’s all 1 cup at a time. And the crowd is much more pleasant.

    It’s much better for people who like great coffee without the ‘scene’ surrounding said coffee.

  3. Jim says:

    sounds a lot like an affogato. which is delicious.