NEWS FLASH: Nobody Likes to Write Essays

Ok, maybe I was asking a little much when I demanded  200-word-or-less essays for two (2) free tickets to the awesome event happening at the Cal Academy of Sciences this Saturday, DAWN 2010, featuring Fool’s Gold, Gary Shteyngart, and more.

So, we’re going to make things a little easier for you:  Science-themed music videos!  In the comments below, list the artist and song title (and a Youtube link would be nice) for your favorite sciency video.  If the song is about science too, even better!  Entries will be judged according to a proprietary algorithm (not really).  You have until 11:59pm Thursday, so get cracking!  And no fair using Carl Sagan et al; that’s too easy.

Pro-tip:  DIY hybrids such as Joy Division’s “Disorder” over scenes from 2001: Space Odyssey and Crystal Castles’ “Black Panther” over scenes from TRON are totally cool.


Win FREE Tickets to Party Like It’s Shavuot at the Cal Academy of Sciences

11 Responses to “NEWS FLASH: Nobody Likes to Write Essays”

  1. olu says:

    math /science same thing right?

  2. JP says:

    I was still in high school when this came out.

    BT – Fibonacci Sequence, used by Sasha in Global Underground 013: Ibiza.

    “mathematics is the language of nature…”

  3. Void says:

    Mine included hot physics chicks, that should deserve a bonus

  4. Andrew Sarkarati says:

    WE HAVE A WINNER!!! Thanks VOID for the scientifically accurate and educational CERN rap. the cute physics chicks must have gamed the algorithm.

    Thanks to everyone who competed! We’ll have more of these in the near future, so keep yo head up!

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