Another Glimpse Inside The Armory… From Margaret Cho?!

Well, time to chalk up another celeb hanging in the Mission. This time, at the Armory.

I was listening to WTF with Mark Maron this morning (which by the way, is an amazing podcast. It’s like a series of psychotherapy sessions for all my favorite aging stand-up comics) and I was surprised to find out that Margaret Cho is pretty freaky. So freaky, in fact, that she has been known to visit the Armory for some bizarre late-night… well just read on:

Margaret Cho: Then I got into these group sex situations which were really bizarre.
Mark Maron: Woah really?
MC: Yeah with porn stars. Like I would go to the Armory in San Francisco which is a big porn studio… The biggest studio they have is called… it’s a giant building. It’s like a 163 year-old building that’s a historical landmark.
MM: Was it originally built for fucking?
MC: No, it was built to house the troops.
MM: Oh it’s an armory. It’s a real armory.
MC: It’s a real armory. And so they have like… makeshift hotels for porn stars that stay. And so you can stay there. And they–I never got this done–but one of the things they do is, they call it a “midnight takedown,” where you go to bed and you go to sleep and they watch you fall asleep and then they come and they fuck you. Like 17 people.
MM: And they film it?
MC: Yeah they film it. But I didn’t get to do that because I locked my door.

Check out the rest of this fascinating episode here and I guess we’re a celebrity gossip blog now. Stay tuned for our acquirement by Perez Hilton LLC.

(photo by davidyuweb)


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9 Responses to “Another Glimpse Inside The Armory… From Margaret Cho?!”

  1. dude says:

    yeah, Cho was filming some kind of reality show in the mission a few months back and she showed up unannounced at a queer sort-of sex party at station 40 with some kink stars (it wasn’t a “sex party,” but people were getting really freaky). anyway, she got the boot because her camera crew started filming people without even asking permission – hella shady.

  2. Sally says:

    I love the armory! I was just there and took a bunch of photos:

  3. olu says:

    and I was surprised to find out that Margaret Cho is pretty freaky

    isn’t her whole act about being a bisexual whose parents just don’t understand?

    • olu says:

      yeah i guess I wasn’t as specific as i could have been. she is a known freak, its in her act. sorry for the confusion

  4. cranky old mission guy says:

    That picture looks more like Ju Ju Chang than Margaret Cho…?!

  5. mission statement says:


    You can be bisexual without being into porn, group sex, ass play, etc. She is a freak.

  6. pat says:

    Marc Maron! Out of many quality podcasts I do while working his is at the top of the list. He was just in town last week and I saw him do an amazing set at Purple Onion in North BEach. Thanks for this cool post :)

  7. dude says:

    Yeah, she’s been pretty open about her kinky life. I’m surprised that could be a surprise to anyone who knows who she is.

    but, anyway…Yes, I would love to go to an Armory party!

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