All Your Old Faves at Mission Street Food's FINAL NIGHT

Since news of the forthcoming Commonwealth and changes at Mission Burger broke, the question loomed: Will MSF continue to exist?

The answer is: Probably, but not until after an indefinite hiatus. Mission Street Food as we know it is closing up shop after Saturday’s performance. They are, however, going out with a bang. Chef Anthony bids us adieu:

I speak on behalf of the entire staff when I say it’s been a pleasure serving you and getting to know you. Thanks for your enthusiasm, patience and support. We intend to eventually start MSF up again in some capacity and hope to see you again then, but for now, come by for one last PB & J or MSF Rice, or come try your first Chinito or Squid & Marrow – the new classics.

Read on for the full menu and more from Anthony.

Photos by Jesse Friedman.

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