Mission Burger Buggering Off?

Doc Pop heard a rumor that the dudes behind the counter at Mission Burger might be moving their operation from the Duc Loi kitchen to somewhere more permanent. According to this rumor, this move has nothing to do with Commonwealth, so be on the lookout for two new Mission Street Food-related endeavors to begin dishing up goodness later this year. According to rumor.



Mission Burger

Duc Loi

3 Responses to “Mission Burger Buggering Off?”

  1. John says:

    Maybe they’ll bring back their veggie burger?

  2. [...] What do you guys think?  Is the Whiz, in fact, whack?  Or is it appropriately befitting of such seminal architecture?  Also, how rad would it be if the Mission Burger guys took over that spot? [...]

  3. Samadzcf says:

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