TTTrial PPPostponed

Official Mission Mission KKKatie trial correspondent Aaron Sunshine attended the trial of possibly crazy, probably racist KKKatie Dunbar today and brings us the following news:

ok went to the trial today and she appeared towards the end of the docket. nothing really happened- she showed up, looking tired with a weird smile on her face, and the lawyers talked for a second before deciding to do some sort of continuance (I think?) that delayed the trial date until October 1st. So as far as I understand, she will be in jail for a while longer.


KKKatie Upppdate 

3 Responses to “TTTrial PPPostponed”

  1. non-sekkkwiter says:

    The Giants won on Orange Friday and again today, they’re 60 and 45 now. Now, about that bullpen…

  2. PiotrP says:

    Well, at this point Im ready to walk away from this. I see a lot of anger, aggression in “who? me?”‘s words and, quite frankly, juvenille perception of the world in black and white terms. 

    As for the Armory … porn is a fringe of the social scene. One can enjoy it others can abhore it, but it wasn’t my intension to make this the subject of this discussion. It was simply a comment about the state of this city which has to rely on the fringe to solve its issues. Just to give you a less loaded example: parking tickets revenue should be a fringe of cities’ financial management. It is one of the most imortant sources of this city’s revenue In my view its wrong. And no, it doesn’t mean that I’m opposed to ticketing poorly parked vehicles. 

  3. non-sekkkwiter says:

    Excatly, now if Cain can just get his first win against the Dodger, we’ll sweep.