Anybody Need a Parking Space?

Looks like this place has a spot opening up!  Who wants to call Jim for details?

Read it bigger.

(Thanks Cranky Old Mission Guy!)


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5 Responses to “Anybody Need a Parking Space?”

  1. I’m afraid to call Jim. Then again, I would be afraid to call Melissa, too. Anything that happens on that corner worries me. I’m pretty sure that the nightly pressure-washer is part of a Mafia protection scam.

  2. Jim says:

    This post and the followup call from Andrew pretending to be someone else to get the scoop on this were lame.

    I have a friend that works at You should check them out. I think you’d really dig it.

    • Andrew Sarkarati says:

      i said i was andrew at the beginning of the conversation! following up is part of the gig.

    • You know what’s lame? Posting your phone number in public and then getting sore about people calling it.

      • hmmm says:

        what happened in the conversations with Andrew? Was Andrew non forth coming on his intention? Were there pranks attempted?

        Jackass pranks can be plenty funny but certainly not constructive.

        Trying to expose fraud is commendable and hopefully helpful without the distraction of pranksters,I am not saying that there were said pranksters involved.

        Seems like a reasonable warning from which anyone can make there own assessment.

        What’s the matter with a little interaction and information? Trust yourself, inform yourself, decide for yourself.