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Worst Neighbors Ever?

“Vocal” Neighbors Getting Ellis Acted

The Landlord’s Side of the Story

Alleged “Crazy” Neighbor’s Side of the Story!

The Landlord's Side of the Story

no, these are not song titles from the new Guided By Voices album

Remember those wacky signs a tenant taped onto her windows alleging all sorts of abuse by her landlords?  Well, the landlord found out about the chatter and decided to offer his version of the situation:

Dear Friends – I was completely unaware of the existence of this blog. Just today someone told me about it, so with a great interest I read your entries. So… my wife and I are co-owners with another person of this building and, yes, we are invoking Ellis Act,  but only out of  sheer desperation – for the past a year-and-half we have lived through hell.

The woman who rents the downstairs unit (from our co-owner) and entertains the neighborhood with her prolific signage is an extremely aggressive and displays all the symptoms of delusional paranoia. Almost every morning we wake up to her banging on the walls (4-5 am), heavy stomping on the floors, yelling to us from the backyard, playing  blaringly loud music, etc. We find our front door handle smeared with honey, grease or peanut butter on a daily basis, not to mention the human feces on our door step. She makes false accusations that we destroy her plants, read her mail, throw stones at her cat and plenty of other mischief.

Despite the fact that we put lots of money and effort into creating a beautiful backyard, we  have stopped  even going outside into our backyard as she verbally assaults us, we can’t have any social life at our home  and we are subject to abusive accusations thrown at us when we take out trash, or simply leave home (she yells at us from her window). She fabricated a story of us being “professional evictors” who just want to get her out, so we can convert to condos. Her actions became so unbearable that back in December we moved from own place and rented a place for two months, just so we could get some rest from that daily abuse.

Ellis Act was the last resort. When we concluded that we can’t live under the same roof with this psychotic individual, we offered her a substantial amount of money, free rent for half a year and the house to herself (we would’ve stayed away until she moved). She turned that offer down. Ellis Act took off 10-15% off the value of the property right off the bat. We’ll never be able to convert to condominiums, but this is the worthy price for having a home where we don’t feel threatened all the time.

So, as you see a new crop of signs and accusations popping up in her window (almost daily occurrence) just think about what you might not see – a daily ordeal of people who live in the same house.

Wow, she sounds like the tenant from hell!  Now I kind of feel bad for the property owner.  Maybe this is the reason why those rental applications have gotten so tome-like and tedious to fill out, and why many landlords now routinely employ background checks along with credit reports and references. 

Soooo, anybody else got any terrible neighbor stories?

[Photo by Brian H]


“Vocal” Neighbors Getting Ellis Acted

Keep BMW Out of the Mission

Mission Resident Shits on Her Own Apartment Building (NSFW)

"Vocal" Neighbors Getting Ellis Acted

Those crazy neighbors are at it again!  This time, it appears as though they’ve run afoul of their landlord one time too many, and the property owner has responded by just completely giving up and Ellis-ing the whole place to cut his losses.  Or he/she might just want to build condos all over the place, since that happens to be all the rage these days.

Pro-tip:  To be “Ellis-ed” is to have the property owner invoke the Ellis Act, which allows them to evict all residents and “go out of business.”  It is often employed by owners as a loophole to facilitate converting units into condo$.

If you ever feel that you are being unfairly evicted from your apartment, a fantastic community resource right here in the Mission that can help you is the San Francisco Tenants Union, located right near 21st and Capp in a classy old house.  They take drop-ins too, so don’t hesitate to utilize their services if you ever have any important renter questions.  They’ve definitely helped me out in the past!

[Photos by reader Brian H]


Keep BMW Out of the Mission

Keep BMW Out of the Mission

I think they are doing it wrong.  Reader Brian H. explains:

There are some “vocal” folks living just off of the corner of 21st & Bryant.  They post signs about how their landlords are “harassing them” and are “professional evictors” and the like – all by way of signs in their windows and door.

Spotted at 21st and Bryant.