Memorial for Ted Gullicksen

The Director of the San Francisco Tenants Union, Ted Gullicksen, died suddenly in his home the night of October 13th or morning of October 14th. There will be a memorial service this coming Sunday at Mission High. I didn’t know Ted personally, but when my mom and I were wrongfully evicted during dotcom1, the SF Tenants Union was very supportive. Ted and the Union have provided assistance to so many San Francisco residents over the years.

More about the memorial and Ted here. Donations in his memory can be made to the Tenants Union, or to the fund for Falcor, his dog, who needs medical care.

"Vocal" Neighbors Getting Ellis Acted

Those crazy neighbors are at it again!  This time, it appears as though they’ve run afoul of their landlord one time too many, and the property owner has responded by just completely giving up and Ellis-ing the whole place to cut his losses.  Or he/she might just want to build condos all over the place, since that happens to be all the rage these days.

Pro-tip:  To be “Ellis-ed” is to have the property owner invoke the Ellis Act, which allows them to evict all residents and “go out of business.”  It is often employed by owners as a loophole to facilitate converting units into condo$.

If you ever feel that you are being unfairly evicted from your apartment, a fantastic community resource right here in the Mission that can help you is the San Francisco Tenants Union, located right near 21st and Capp in a classy old house.  They take drop-ins too, so don’t hesitate to utilize their services if you ever have any important renter questions.  They’ve definitely helped me out in the past!

[Photos by reader Brian H]


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