Memorial for Ted Gullicksen

The Director of the San Francisco Tenants Union, Ted Gullicksen, died suddenly in his home the night of October 13th or morning of October 14th. There will be a memorial service this coming Sunday at Mission High. I didn’t know Ted personally, but when my mom and I were wrongfully evicted during dotcom1, the SF Tenants Union was very supportive. Ted and the Union have provided assistance to so many San Francisco residents over the years.

More about the memorial and Ted here. Donations in his memory can be made to the Tenants Union, or to the fund for Falcor, his dog, who needs medical care.

9 Responses to “Memorial for Ted Gullicksen”

  1. RJ says:

    What was the cause of death? He was relatively young. There have been so many rumors: foul play, overdose, suicide.

  2. Yo Mama says:

    The cause of death was “Good Luck” for the City of SF.

  3. SFrentier says:

    Sorry but I wil not be attending. He was thoroughly misguided about rent control and really caused a deep and unfortunately chasm between tenants and landlords in this city. The failure of Prop G is a fitting eulogy for this antiquated figure.

    • Pacific Standard Simon says:

      You can promote your limited self-interest all you want, but I doubt you’ll find anyone here who will take up your cause.

  4. 24-24 says:

    I am going on rent strike to memorialize him