Keep BMW Out of the Mission

I think they are doing it wrong.  Reader Brian H. explains:

There are some “vocal” folks living just off of the corner of 21st & Bryant.  They post signs about how their landlords are “harassing them” and are “professional evictors” and the like – all by way of signs in their windows and door.

Spotted at 21st and Bryant.

5 Responses to “Keep BMW Out of the Mission”

  1. GETBUFF says:

    I’ve seen these signs, but the last time I saw them there were more like a series of 8 or so passive agressive notes aimed at their neighbors, things about noise levels, broken potted plants, and calling the cops the next time a party went down. I think it might be a two way sign war or something…

  2. GETBUFF says:

    Ugh… they* and aggressive*, sorry, I just got off work (tired).

  3. Interlard says:


  4. stiiv says:

    Naw, it’s just one really…. touchy…. lady as far as we can tell. The signs change at regular intervals and they’re right on the edge of loony. I’d hate to be her landlord.

    • Nancy Scott says:

      I am an elderly disabled single mom who is a good tenant and have lived in my home for 15 years. I am not in the least touchy or moody although I probably have plenty of reason to be both. I was a volunteer tutor in public schools (elementary and middle school)for 12 years. I’m one of the origional members of The Bryant Street Neighborhood Alliance and take care of the flowers in front of my house and my neighbors houses. Anyone who knows me since I moved here can attest to this. My teenage son built the borders around the flowers and I am also a board member of a non-profit that helps families of parolees. I am also severly disabled with brittle bone disease. The owner of the building is an heir and greedy. I only ask to stay in my home for 3 years until my son gets out of high school. The owner (heir) didn’t agree and became very abusive a year before the people upstairs bought the T.I.C. He removed (lead) paint with no containment and it was left in my yard for 2 weeks until I called a building inspector. That’s just the beginning……

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