The Mission: Where Latinos and Hipsters Politely Ignore Each Other's Existence

The results are in and the Mission has a motto!  Paul D came up with the winning entry which managed to secure roughly one-third of the total votes.  Coming in second was “We All Think We Were Here First,” courtesy of Cranky Old Mission Guy, with “The Hipster Hamptons” by cassadie ranking third.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote!  Now, what do you think Paul D should win for coining this delightful moniker?

[Photo by Art Siegel]

6 Responses to “The Mission: Where Latinos and Hipsters Politely Ignore Each Other's Existence”

  1. Congratulations, Paul D — I accept the verdict of the public and wish you all the benefits of the status that your victory confers.

    I still think my entry was the best one that didn’t mention “hipsters”, though…

    I think the prize should be a shopping spree at Community Thrift on half-price Monday, when the place is full of po-bucker hipsters and Latinos.

  2. mcas says:

    Aztec-art decorated messenger bag.

  3. tacotron says:

    maybe a t-shirt baring a latina scratching the beard of a lonely hipster?

  4. silly says:

    Hey, whatever happened to “it’s a lifestyle city”
    The natural extension of which is “it’s a lifestyle neighborhood”
    Totally douchey. Totally right.

  5. Breezee says:

    the girl u got in the pic aint no hipster!

  6. Popular pass time, drive by muggings.