The Mission: Where Latinos and Hipsters Politely Ignore Each Other's Existence

The results are in and the Mission has a motto!  Paul D came up with the winning entry which managed to secure roughly one-third of the total votes.  Coming in second was “We All Think We Were Here First,” courtesy of Cranky Old Mission Guy, with “The Hipster Hamptons” by cassadie ranking third.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote!  Now, what do you think Paul D should win for coining this delightful moniker?

[Photo by Art Siegel]

VOTE!!! The Mission Needs a Motto!

We received so many excellent ideas for a Mission Motto last week that we can’t possibly possess the audacity necessary to decide which one embraces our neighborhood most fittingly.  So, we’re going to leave it up to you!

Voting closes at midnight on Sunday, and the winner will be announced next Monday.  What will the winner get?  Well, there’ll be a vote for that, naturally!

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[Photo by Emmanuelle via SFist]

Does the Mission Have a Motto?

Readers over at SFist recently voted on what they feel should be the motto of San Francisco, and the winner by plurality was “Not Smug.  Just Better,” with “Back Door! BACK DOOR! Step Down! STEP DOWN!” coming in a close second.  This got me wondering, does the Mission have a motto?  Does it even need one?  If so, what would it be?

What do you think, guys?  How does “PBR and Jameson” sound?

[Photo by Emmanuelle via SFist]