Cell Dancer

Laughing Squid posted a delightful video of this cell phone getting down in front of the Mission St. MetroPCS:

He may be puffy, but he’s definitely not lazy. The person inside this inflatable cellphone suit posseses an incredible amount of energy, because he’s been observed dancing vigorously for hours on end in front of a MetroPCS cellphone shop on Mission Street in San Francisco. Work it, dude!

In other news, making an animated gif these days is a fucking pain in the ass.

2 Responses to “Cell Dancer”

  1. travis says:

    sir i assume it is not any more a pain in the ass than it has been at any other point in time.

    you probably just did not find the most convenient program or website.

  2. Rhiannon says:

    Have you ever seen him act like he’s not a person, like he’s a blowy uppy dancer thing or a robot, and then sneak up on someone?

    Better than the Bush Man.