Casino Cycling in Las Vegas


Met these guys on the strip last night after they had cycled through Flamingo and gotten chased out by the security guards.  One of ‘em was on the phone trying to meet up with the rest of the gang to find out the next spot to hit up.

For the Flamingo run, phone guy was the leader and picked the route through the slots on the fly, scattering drink girls and bronzed, pot-belly’d Medicare recipients in his wake.  Meanwhile, middle finger dude carried the rearguard, security officials nipping at his heels.  Celebration by track-stand up the escalator.

For anyone wishing to join them on their cyclical adventures:  these rapscallions can sometimes be found at SF Bike Polo by 21st and S Van Ness (since they got kicked out of Dolores) when they’re not terrorizing Las Vegas casinos.  Tryouts next weekend!

15 Responses to “Casino Cycling in Las Vegas”

  1. seriously says:

    Christ, what a bunch of assholes.

  2. 35 Black says:

    $10 on 35 Black, please.

  3. It’s all fun and games until someone has to dig his own grave out in the desert.

  4. the asshole middle finger guy (Scizors) says:

    At least we weren’t the biggest assholes in Vegas. Fuck that city and all it’s Casino’s. I’ll dig my grave slowly but surely douchebags. Come out to begginers night for SF bike polo every wednesday at 7:00 and we’ll take it easy on you… (21st and Shotwell) or if you wanna be crushed come out on Monday or Thursday at 7:00 and we will break your mothers as well. fuck off Las Vegas. I’m never coming back to your shithole

    • SimonSays says:


    • You sound exactly as I thought you would sound.

      And spell exactly as I thought you would spell.

      • Scizors says:

        You may not like my spelling but my spell check loves me. As do I. Furthermore, I’m not interested in the approval of cranky old squares from California.

        I didn’t go to the armpit of the world to make friends. I went to bring a savage burn on the establishment in the heart of the American dream. So now, less than twenty four hours later, you can go to the 21st floor of the Stratosphere hotel in Las Vegas and look across the landscape, and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark —that place where the shit-storm of SF Bike Polo finally broke and rolled back.

      • Bike dude! You crack me up!

    • vegasmakesmepuke says:


      vegas has the lowest – I mean LOWEST – rate of high school diploma/college degree success in the entire nation. This is fact.

  5. park o'molo says:

    So, wha happened to “Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?”

  6. Theasshole middle finger guy (scizors) says:

    By the way, we didn’t injure anyone but ourselves in las Vegas. Casino riding is the most fun a cyclist can have in Vegas, a city where a cyclist is chased out of every spot on the strip wether walking or riding their bike. I have zero respect for a city that shuns cycling like las Vegas, and it is not likely that any one else at interbike would either had they actually showed up on a bike. Here’s to a cycling industry full of squares who drive everywhere with their bikes on top just to leave it parked when they got there.

    Have bike polo, will travel and bring the ruckus every time.

  7. Almostnative says:

    what a bunch of stupid fucks.

  8. Anderson says:

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