Dolores Park renovation threatens to remove bike polo courts

Katie over at Refinery 29 says a “source close to the project” revealed that the bike polo courts (AKA “tennis courts”) might be removed as part of the Dolores Park renovation. And just what do they propose to put in its place? A dog park, where your respective pit bulls and yorkshire terriers can frolic and socialize in perfect harmony.

Not sure of the validity of the claim, but true to San Francisco form, there is already a petition about it, so go sign that if you hate dogs and love bike polo (or tennis).

In other news, Mission Mission is now considering starting a petition to install outdoor ping pong tables in the “fruit shelf” area of the park. Stay tuned.

[via Refinery 29]

Volleybonk! in Dolores Park Explained in Video

We were first hipped to this phenomenon last year when it was still a mostly guerrila operation, but it looks like they’ve gotten themselves fairly organized by now, as reader Janel shares:

A mix of tennis & volleyball with a yoga ball

They play every Sunday @ 8:30 pm on the tennis courts at Dolores Park (18th and Dolores). They are done when the lights go off @ 10:15. Join the mailing list by emailing at volleybonksf(at) Feel free to bring friends, dogs, drinks and mix cd’s.

And Pauly Shore.

Check out the helpful “promo” video that explains the rules and offers a glimpse into the tactical strategy needed to succeed in this blistering nascent sport.  I can’t see this going the way of SF Bike Polo (forced to relocate to 21st and Shotwell due to the fact that neighbors complained their bicycle tires scuffed up the tennis courts) unless it can be proven that a giant yellow yoga ball (or Pauly Shore) is somehow also bad for tennis.



Bike Polo

Dolores Park Bike Polo Crackdown

Casino Cycling in Las Vegas


Met these guys on the strip last night after they had cycled through Flamingo and gotten chased out by the security guards.  One of ‘em was on the phone trying to meet up with the rest of the gang to find out the next spot to hit up.

For the Flamingo run, phone guy was the leader and picked the route through the slots on the fly, scattering drink girls and bronzed, pot-belly’d Medicare recipients in his wake.  Meanwhile, middle finger dude carried the rearguard, security officials nipping at his heels.  Celebration by track-stand up the escalator.

For anyone wishing to join them on their cyclical adventures:  these rapscallions can sometimes be found at SF Bike Polo by 21st and S Van Ness (since they got kicked out of Dolores) when they’re not terrorizing Las Vegas casinos.  Tryouts next weekend!