SF Guardian Angels Pouring Out Perfectly Good Beers at 'Delores Park'

Aw, hell naw:

The highlight of the night was pouring out beers for drinking in public, but that’s OK because these bad guys respected us for doing it, they knew this was breaking the law.

The question is, what kind of beers? Hopefully no local microbrews.

All this comes from their latest patrol report. The report also indicates that they accosted and handcuffed a kid for MUNI fare evasion. Apparently, it’s ok to slap handcuffs on a total stranger. If I wasn’t such a pussy, I might be inclined to say something slightly unflattering about these guys.

[via San Francisco Citizen]

Update: Our pal Joshua comments:

actually it looks like they handcuffed one of their own incognito. Then again, their writing is so god-awful I can’t really tell what they’re trying to say.


Guardian Angels Patrol Walgreens, Call Vic Wong a Pussy

32 Responses to “SF Guardian Angels Pouring Out Perfectly Good Beers at 'Delores Park'”

  1. joshua says:

    dude wtf? if they’re seriously getting physical with private citizens what good are they in the end? they deserve no respect.

    • joshua says:

      actually it looks like they handcuffed one of their own incognito. Then again, their writing is so god-awful I can’t really tell what they’re trying to say. Maybe they’re just bored, you know? I dunno, go join the police academy, amirite?

  2. Jeremiah Michaels says:

    Everyone complains about law enforcement until they get robbed or fucked up or raped. Then people complain that they don’t come fast enough.

    I don’t understand why people don’t go back to their hometowns and drink in the street.

  3. What the hell? I thought they stood for protecting people, not harshing our buzz.

  4. Casper Milktoast IV says:

    Fuck those arrogant, drunk on power, bitchmade vigilante pussies. I hated then 25 years ago and I hate them now. Sty the fuck out of my way, you maladjusted misguided misfit-ass busters. Sliwa was decades ago, you fucking sheep-ass, 80′s lookin-ass mustache-waxing cheerleaders. Don’t step to me and mine or we’ll just be the two criminal gangs that are meeting for a beating you fucking fascist Taliban nazis, Just my 2 cents.

  5. Casper Milktoast IV says:

    Curtis is a straight-up liar to boot. Sorry Gotti missed.

  6. DJ Wronghole says:

    A while back I had some old ass geyser go mental on me because he got “cut off” while speeding in his Jag and proceeded to follow me to a post office, get out of his car and tried to take a swing at me and missed.

    The cops got called by people that witnessed this ass and the cop told me this gem…

    As soon as he took a swing at me and threatened bodily harm I was within my full legal rights to defend myself until I felt confident he was no longer a threat. So if one of these pussies tries to do something to you and even so much as grabs you – it’s technically assault and you can defend yourself until you feel they’re no longer a threat.

    All I know is someone should pin these lame asses and take their bus money.

    • James says:

      This is true. You have the right to a reasonable, non-deadly defense if you are reasonably fearful for your physical safety, but do not believe you are facing imminent death.

  7. ronnie says:


  8. Ferocious Foot Odor says:

    Can we amend sit/lie to include some provision about dorks in red berets?

  9. AttF says:

    Wow, misguided thugs playing tough guy vigilantes. The Angels seem like little more than someone’s teenage cartoon crime fighter fantasy played out to ridiculous degree….costumes included. These fuckers have got to go (or at least be locked up for harassment).

  10. Or, to put it in a more pithy, yet venerable, and even contemporary vein…

    “Who watches the watchmen?”

  11. Jack Walker says:

    These idiots are dudes. Here is real vigilante justice circa 1856 when men where men and dudes didn’t last long. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Lynching-of-casey-and-cora.jpg

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Are you trying to single-handedly bring back the usage of “dude” as a derogatory? Yeah, good luck with that, dude.

  12. MrEricSir says:

    They should go back to handing out copies of the Guardian at Bart stations.

  13. Zendritic says:

    they spelled dolores wrong. they’d better not try to pour out my beer, or i will mercilessly criticize their blog spelling.

  14. Vlad Draco says:

    As an anti-authority type, I can understand the knee jerk reaction to reject anyone posing as an authority figure, but think about this, would you rather have 12 Angels on the street or pay more taxes, have fewer rights, have more cops busting you for growing pot. We have a choice of depending on the government to keep our streets clean or relying on each other more, citizens. What is so f n wrong with citizens watching out for other citizens. These guys help people who need medical aid too. So, they’re not cool, they’re not mainstream, they look weird, they’re minorities, they don’t deserve our respect??? Seriously? By that same standard, we should make fun of all minorities, anyone who looks different, goth, emo, punk, hipsters, skaters. WTF are you like some white elitist preppie going around telling me who to accept as popular and cool and who to make fun of???

    That’s all these posters do, is sit on their computers all day, making fun of people who actually go out and do something with their lives. If you want to mock anyone try looking in the mirror. Oh, these guys suck, these guys look weird, and I’m so f n special, I have a yacht and Beemer, and society thinks I’m the coolest thing in the world. Go f yourself like you always do every night after you get off your computer.

    • AttF says:

      I don’t think it is an issue of them looking different or not being mainstream. If anything, that mentality feeds their fucked up “us against the world” perspective. What kind of rights do you have when any random citizen with little to no grasp of the law can exact their concept of justice on you? I work for a community-based non-profit and am all for going out and “doing something”. My issue with the Angels is that they have justified their brand of bullying and harassment as “cleaning up the streets.” By their own account, they basically kill time, fuck with people and get off on it. The impression I get from their patrol reports and history is that they are extremely misguided and have little respect for anyone outside of their group.

      “In 1992 Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa issued a public apology for staging several subway rescues in the 1980s in order to get publicity for the group. Since the statute of limitations on filing false police reports had expired, no charges were brought against him or the organization.”

      • Vlad Draco says:

        Sounds like you enjoy generalizing. Let me know if you have one single solid piece of evidence that they break the law and harass people? Any single conviction in SF or anywhere else. You sound paranoid. They have no more rights than you or me. If you saw a dude beating up an old lady on the street, what would you do? How exactly do you define fucking with people? What people? The person passed out they try to revive and call 911 for? Are they fucking with his unconscious state? What do you do that’s so better? Do you get paid? They don’t. You’re in it for the money, they’re not. You sound totally ignorant of what they do. If they had no idea about law, they’d get arrested left and right for breaking the law. You get harassed and bullied by panhandlers in SF, why don’t you do something about that??? I have NEVER been harassed or bullied by Angels. If I’m smoking crack or drinking alcohol in public and scaring families and children away, some citizen should fuck with me, I’m being a fucking nuisance.

      • Rod says:

        i didn’t see anything in the report saying you guys stopped a dude who was beating up an old lady. did that happen or what? all i read about is folks pouring out people’s beers and physically assaulting a MUNI fare-evader (even the officers whose job it is to catch fare evaders aren’t allowed to do that.) why are you power-tripping over these minor civil infractions? does anyone feel unsafe in Dolores Park

    • MrEricSir says:

      “So, they’re not cool, they’re not mainstream, they look weird, they’re minorities, they don’t deserve our respect???”

      I’m pretty sure the only one saying that on here is you.

      • Vlad Draco says:

        I’ve read enough stupid posts on this website trashing these guys bc they look weird, and I’m sure if MTV and mainstream media promoted these guys as cool, they wouldn’t get half the shit they get. When’s the last time you or mainstream media poked fun of CRIP’s, the mafia, MS-13, biker gangs? They’s so fucking cool being bad and criminal, yet a bunch of citizens go out to clean up their streets, and you gotta bash them bc they look different than you, and most are minorities, so you ARE insulting minorities in minority communities you f n moron.

      • Allan Hough says:

        Hey, Vlad Draco, are you a Guardian Angel?

      • MrEricSir says:

        First of all, MTV? You must be really out of touch.

        Secondly, in order to promote something or someone as cool, it has to at the very least have the potential to be cool to begin with. A bunch of gang members wearing silly clothes and pretending to protect the public is not cool in any sense I can think of. But then again, I’m not in marketing.

  15. Johnboywalton says:

    Hey Vlad Draco, you seem very much on-the-same-page as these lame pricks, I’m willing to bet you are one of them.

    Why do you do this? Spending your evenings doing something so brave as harassing some stoned and drunk hipster kids for trying to make out while drinking beers and smoking weed in a park after dark. Yes it is illegal. So illegal that even the cops are not even vaguely worried about it.

    And, to be frank, the cops are ass holes who like nothing better than fecking with hipster kids for making out, drinking beers and smoking weed.

    You are so out there, so on the edge, so brave and on the front line of vigilante crime busting… not.

    One day you may go somewhere actually dangerous, where real crime is actually happening…

    But then again you won’t… ever…. you are to pinnacle of lame…

    Because you are just lame ass pricks who can do nothing more than harass hipster kids. And, Jeez, hipster kids are so scary!

    Get yourself a counsellor, sort your shit out, this is a pathetic expression of you, you can do so much better.

  16. Ryan says:

    Wow I can’t believe how many folks are actually taking these fools seriously. Good for a laugh, nothing more.

  17. vlad draco says:

    I think johnboywalton’s post says it all about all these Angel-haters here. You guys sound like a bunch of pimple popping, pseudo-hipster, anti-authority, neglected, perhaps abused poor little freaks out trying to have some fun, and feel threatened by citizen groups watching out for their own neighborhood. You guys really think the Angels do nothing but harass you poor freaks? They help passed out homeless people and they have protected innocents from being bullied and beaten up. In fact, they were some of the first to stand up for gays and protect them and accept them as members. You hipster wannabe kids think you’re so cool rallying against the evils of uncool looking citizen groups. Grow the f up. I used to be a real rebel and had real causes like fighting government oppression and abuses. You freaks just want to fight for your right to party in public. Whatever, you narcissistic rebels without a cause. You hate the cops too, but guess who you’re calling if someone tries to steal your red sneakers and PBR beers. Haha

  18. This proves what we on TRP have been telling America: the GA is a violent cult filled with nitwits, halfwits, lowlifes, morons, degenerates, brain deprived assholes and thugs!!! Look at them!! They are the result of Sliwa, their god, emptying out nuthouses to get members. Most look like they should be in jail, or there already! They cannot lay a finger on you, and if they do, sue the crap out of them and have them arrested for assault! They assaulted an Iraq War Vet in Davenport IA, in Melville, NJ their cult was closed down because they committed a hate crime! In Chicago, they beat up drunks and grafitti artists on the CRT! This is a Jim JOnes cult, and it revolves around their god Sliwa. They won’t take on any gangs, but instead look like sharks for those they know that they can sucessfully assault! The GA is a cash cow for Sliwa, and his stooges beg on the street for money for him! Go to http://www.therightperspective.org and join Operation No Angels and TWS and stop this violent cult!!