Belle and Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch Says "Go Giants!"

Before breaking into a spirited rendition of Piazza, New York Catcher, Stuart inquired about our pennant-racing boys in black (and orange):

I don’t know how the game ended up today.  Oh?  It wasn’t good, eh?  Not to worry, we’re bringing it back home 1-1.  That’s how you want it to be, really.

Those Phillies don’t stand a chance.

Where will you be on Tuesday at 4:20?

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4 Responses to “Belle and Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch Says "Go Giants!"”

  1. Birnbaum says:

    I’ll be at Ace’s Yankee bar on Sutter and Hyde getting ready to watch the Yankees.

    Go Yanks! Go Giants! Hopefully we’ll meet in the World Series for a fight to the finish.

  2. Birnbaum says:

    p.s. the Giants are playing at 1pm on Tuesday. So 4:20 would be a good time to hopefully celebrate in true San Francisco 4:20 style.

  3. Adam Gutterman says:

    This is the version they did in NYC a couple of weeks ago. Note the lady in the audience and her allegiance: