My Life is ____, My Home is ____

MrEricSir thought those “My life is San Francisco, my home is Parkmerced” ads were dumb and came up with some of his own:

My life is waiting 45 minutes for the M Oceanview, my home is Parkmerced

My life is SFSU and smoking weed, my home is Parkmerced

My life is getting lost in traffic circles, my home is Parkmerced

I’m from a terrible central valley town named Modesto. Every time I see “Parkmerced” I think of the neighboring city of Merced and wonder why anyone would want that association. Just about the only thing it had going for it was the Fatty Mocha, an illegal coffee shop + punk venue + crash pad run by a stoner punk rocker named Darren. I had my first show ever there with my high school ska band. I also probably got drunk for the first time ever off beers he bought for us. Man, what happened to that guy?

Back to the subject: Why stop there? MrEricSir went on to come up with slogans for other ‘hoods:

My life is being invaded by the Chinese, my home is North Beach

My life is your art school, my home is Union Square

My life is SoCal, my home is the Marina

My life is a non-profit arts collective, my home is the Mission

Get the rest here. Or hell, comment with your own if you’re so smart.

[original photo by ATIS547]

8 Responses to “My Life is ____, My Home is ____”

  1. jim says:

    My life is cultural tourism, my home is the condos on 17th and Capp.

  2. alyssa says:

    My life is purging and lululemon, my home is the financial district.

    My life is bar crawls with my frat brothers, CAPPA CAPPA DELTA, my home is Russian Hill.

    My home is bigger than your home, my life is the Outer Sunset.

    My home is in the water, my life is the Outer Sunset.

  3. My life is in my hands, my home is in my heart, my cock is up your _____.

    Well, really, you asked for that one.

  4. JJ says:

    My life is getting shot in the hip by the cops after acting a fool, my home is Garfield Park.

  5. Sean says:

    My life is not being able to get a job at a non-profit arts collective and bitching about it despite not actually having any qualifications or talent whatsoever and needing my parents in Connecticut to pay for my rent, my home is the Mission.

  6. Iknowrebekah says:

    My life is my children. My home is Noe Valley.

    My life is in the past. My home [for now, man] is the Haight.

  7. Iknowrebekah says:

    My life is convincing people that ‘yes I DO live in San Francisco’. My home is the Excelsior.

  8. Hey, I was searching the web for stuff related to the Fatty Mocha and ran across your site. I’m working on a column for a webzine about my “lessons from the underground” and would fucking LOVE it if you had any photos of the Fatty you could send my way. Let me know.