Ballsier Than Banksy

We spotted these multi-colored yarn hearts on the chain link fence at 23rd and Valencia while shilling Sex Pigeon T-Shirts Sunday. In a way, this sensitive street artist has more balls than Banksy, since wrapping all that yarn must have taken at least 25 minutes of hard labor. Spray paint and stencils? 10 minutes. Tops.

There I said it, Banksy. Crochet a giant rat into a chain link fence and maybe I’ll change my mind.

P.S. Does anyone still want those shirts by the way? We can drag them out to that same intersection when the weather’s good. Just don’t look at us like we’re the scum of the earth when you walk by like 90% of the people on Sunday did, ok?

17 Responses to “Ballsier Than Banksy”

  1. david says:

    I would definitely buy one of those shirts on a day that the weather’s good.

    And for the record, that’s how I look at everyone.

  2. heather w. says:

    i’ll be in sf at new yearsish. save me a 38 geary!

  3. At says:

    I’ll take one of any that you have left in small. Seriously, let me know how to make this happen. If there’s a better Xmas gift for the mourning Sexpigeon aficionado I haven’t discovered it yet.

  4. a_native_son says:

    Thanks for the 22 Fillmore, gents. And the slice of Arizmendi. That was the smoothest street corner deal I’ve ever had.

  5. Stephanie says:

    I’m so down to buy a medium 38 Geary. Any left?

  6. fabrizio says:

    Ballsier than Banksy?!! Does labor time equal balls? It appears the earlier wave of banksymania in the mission failed to make an impression on some. And I agree the crocheted hearts are very nice.

  7. lord greed says:

    while this heart is intricate in its own rights, and yes well mare effort that a banksy piece, no less ballsier, more time consuming yes… but then again banksy cornered himself as an artist by being the poster child of street art, UK. incidental… maybe its not the same ‘tagger’ but there is a bridge on geary street, overpass, by kabuki theater, that has at least 20 railings covered in yarn and crochet ‘scarfs’….

  8. Yatima says:

    I squeaked when I saw you and would totally have stopped, except we were just back from Russian River and Miss Five was whining “Are we there yet?”

  9. Brooke says:

    How can I get a 38 geary t-shirt..

  10. manymachines says:

    It’s a nice looking shirt. I snapped one up and am wondering if I should secure a backup as a hedge against future damage.

  11. madeleine says:

    definitely looking into getting a 24 divisadero small if any are left!
    will you post when you will be there selling again?

  12. hc says:

    I’ll take a 22 fillmore any size, email me or post when you will be selling?!

  13. yentu says:

    Are there any 26 t-shirts?

  14. carolyn says:

    24 Divisadero, size small, please! Email me if that’s how you roll, and I’ll gift you something sick. (Awesome, not pukey.)

  15. michael says:

    I would also love a 24 Divis shirt, small!!! Any you still selling??

  16. Miriam says:

    I totally walked past you guys the other day and was mad at myself for failing to stop. When I came back from securing my delicious treat at Arizmendi, you were gone. I really want a 24 in a large. Come back?