Ballsier Than Banksy

We spotted these multi-colored yarn hearts on the chain link fence at 23rd and Valencia while shilling Sex Pigeon T-Shirts Sunday. In a way, this sensitive street artist has more balls than Banksy, since wrapping all that yarn must have taken at least 25 minutes of hard labor. Spray paint and stencils? 10 minutes. Tops.

There I said it, Banksy. Crochet a giant rat into a chain link fence and maybe I’ll change my mind.

P.S. Does anyone still want those shirts by the way? We can drag them out to that same intersection when the weather’s good. Just don’t look at us like we’re the scum of the earth when you walk by like 90% of the people on Sunday did, ok?

iPhone Donut App

But couldn’t they just have saved some time and downloaded the Sex Pigeon Donut App instead?

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Local heroes Triste Tropiques and Sex Pigeon debut a new performance art piece at Baer Ridgway.

(Image courtesy of the talented Plug 1)