‘Cash for Gold’: the photography of The Tens opening reception TONIGHT at City Hall

The Tens is having his first photo show tonight in a very unlikely location: Supervisor Jane Kim’s office at City Hall room 282, from 4:30-6:30pm. If you have followed his tumblr or seen his work posted here, it’s probably safe to say you’re a fan. He’s been delighting the internet with his tasteful renderings of Fox Plaza for years. Brian also happens to be a civic-minded law-guy, so 30% of the proceeds will be going to the AIDS Legal Referral Panel.

Here’s a snippet from Chris Perez‘ statement on this show and The Tens’ work:

[The Tens'] photographs capture the loneliness and despondency that the city can so easily disguise with its majestic views, romantic architecture, and urban redevelopment. Brian not only sees the stark harshness of the city, but also the uneasy isolation that seems to swallow everyone here at some point in their lives. Over the years I’ve certainly been visited by this loneliness. It follows you from corner to corner, street to street, and it is a chill that is hard to shake. It makes you want to retreat from not only the city but also from yourself. In San Francisco, a person can easily vanish into the fog or slip between the cracks in the broken sidewalks of any neighborhood.

So basically it’s a light-hearted show bound to be full of laughs and whimsy and you should go. Besides, ever wonder how many people can fit in a city Supervisor’s office? There’s only one way to find out.

More details on facebook.

[photos via the Tens]

iPhone Donut App

But couldn’t they just have saved some time and downloaded the Sex Pigeon Donut App instead?

The Tens has the scoop.


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Local Bloggers Will Redesign Your Restaurant For FREE

From tips for Feng Shui courtesy of The Tens, providing helpful advice for Clare’s Deli:

Something about this strikes me as unsafe.

To complete continental transformations project-managed by generic, seen here working his magic on Frjtz:

Real Talk: their decor is almost painful. Is it a Belgian thing? Is this what Hercule Poirot’s dining room looks like?

Please have all requests TCB Courier’d to Benders for consideration.