Jason Schwartzman on the 49

Spotted by The Tens.

24 Responses to “Jason Schwartzman on the 49”

  1. Brock Keeling says:

    Look at that gorgeous, silky, nasty bob. She is sporting some 7 o’clock news anchor realness.

  2. Hazbeen says:

    I have some respect for ANYONE taking the 49. If he was on the 9 however, I’d just silently nod my unquestionable approval.

  3. Drew says:

    When I first moved to SF in 2005 I rode the M train with Bebe Neuwirth. One of those “is it/isn’t it her” moments, till another rider recognized her and gushed on her till she was clearly uncomfortable. I did my part by making sympathetic “who’s this jackass?” faces for her.

  4. wtf says:

    Classy looking bus! Way to go MUNI!

    • Joseph says:

      how is that on the muni? if people didn’t act like animals the buses might be up to your aesthetic standards.

      • wtf says:

        Why isn’t MUNI responsible for vehicle cleanliness? Ever get your place tagged? The city gives you 30 days to clean it. Good luck finding the vandal to clean it.


        • Joseph says:

          Hey, no need to get your pussy in a twist. You seem awfully knowledgeable about the city’s policies on vandalism for someone who doesn’t tag buses. Personally, I think the focus of the Muni and their meagre budget should be coverage and punctuality. But thats just me. The majority of SF seems to agree with you, and are more concerned with how “clean” the outside of the fucking bus is. And who’s to say it wasn’t tagged today? And why do you give a fuck anyway? The point is that a shitty actor rode the 49 today.

          • MrEricSir says:

            “THE Muni”?! WTF, did you move here yesterday?!

          • Joseph says:

            Yes. THE Municipal Transport Agency. English motherfucker. Is it not “cool” to speak it?

          • mattod says:

            Except it’s not called THE Municipal Transport Agency, is it?
            It’s Municipal TransportATION Agency.

          • meh says:

            MrEricSir, your agressive overcompensating display of “nativism” suggest, you may not of moved here yesterday, but perhaps a few years ago. What is with this city and its transplants asserting their delusional ideas of superiority.

  5. django says:

    worst. tag. ever. although i can appreciate doing some quick long division while the cap’s off…

  6. blah says:

    Who does he think he is, John Waters?

  7. Butthurt Eric says:

    Tag = FN Crew (Frisco Natives), who DO call it THE Muni, you poseur kooks. Herb Caen can suck it, too.

    By way of contrast, Socal folks say “take THE 405″, while we say “take 101″.

    See, that was easy.

  8. Elmwood Victim says:

    Born on June 26, 1980 in Los Angeles, Schwartzman was the son of producer Jack Schwartzman and actress-director Talia Shire. Also among his family of Hollywood notables were his grandfather, Oscar-winning composer Carmine Coppola, cousin Nicolas Cage, uncle Francis Ford Coppola, and filmmaking cousin Sofia Coppola. Although he auditioned for the role of Tom Hanks’ matchmaking son in 1993′s “Sleepless in Seattle” – a role that went to Ross Malinger – acting was not Schwartzman’s primary focus, and he was actually reluctant to embark on a career in the movie industry, which he accurately labeled “the family business.” At age 14, he made his first mark as a musician, forming the alternative pop rock band Phantom Planet, in which he served as drummer and songwriter. Phantom Planet was signed to Geffen Records and released its debut album, Phantom Planet Is Missing, in late 1998, promoting the new release with a band guest spot on the series “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” (ABC, 1996-2000; WB, 2000-03). That was just one of the landmark events of Schwartzman’s eighteenth year. He also graduated from the L.A.’s Windward School that spring and made his feature film debut in Wes Anderson’s smart, stylized indie comedy “Rushmore” (1998). The leery actor was introduced to the film’s casting director by cousin Sophia, who was familiar with Anderson’s screenplay and thought Schwartzman was a good fit for the part – that of a creatively talented, non-academic overachiever with a penchant for older women.

  9. TinyTim says:

    ..and Jason tagged that bus? I knew he was in a gang.
    Just knew it!