Local Bloggers Will Redesign Your Restaurant For FREE

From tips for Feng Shui courtesy of The Tens, providing helpful advice for Clare’s Deli:

Something about this strikes me as unsafe.

To complete continental transformations project-managed by generic, seen here working his magic on Frjtz:

Real Talk: their decor is almost painful. Is it a Belgian thing? Is this what Hercule Poirot’s dining room looks like?

Please have all requests TCB Courier’d to Benders for consideration.

4 Responses to “Local Bloggers Will Redesign Your Restaurant For FREE”

  1. Danny White says:

    Seriously, what is the deal with Frjtz? I like their crepes and fries but just cannot stomach the decor, so I quit going. The one on Hayes is equally as tasteless.

  2. anna says:

    wait claire’s deli has my fave tuna. Rhea’s soaks my bread wet by the time i pick it up…….and guererro deli puts some weird spice..nono. claire’s..is like HOME. good TUNA!!! mmm…

  3. WTF says:


    You quit going because of the decore? You hipsters are pathetic. Then again, if you like the decore in Benders, you’re probably not comfortable any place that has even the slightest modicum of style.

  4. Merlin Olsen's Sister says:

    Frjtz interior IS wack and im no hipster…….someone’s S.O. has the decor gig on lock and the owner cant say no