DarDarDar.org Anniversary Show Tonight @ The Lab… THERE WILL BE COOKIES

Hella bands tonight at the Lab. Contrary to the info on the flyer, the official roster is: Boyz IV MenDate PalmsWorkRaccoonsGlass Cake. Bearded DJ Triste Tropiques will be spinning the only bands that matter: SF bands! There will also be FREE COOKIES; no word yet on what kind.

This is all in celebration of DarDarDar‘s 1-year anniversary. DarDarDar is a great site that lists bay area shows that you care about. It’s the cleanest, most bullshit-free calendar there is and I highly recommend it. It’s way better than flipping through the SF Weekly or combing through each venue’s lousy web site. The site owner is also a Dreamdate bro and tasteful photoblogger.

“Dar” is short for the last syllable in “Calendar”. That fucking word was my death blow at the 6th grade Stanislaus County Spelling Bee. I let a lot of people down that day. If only I could give back that pizza party the principal had in my honor.

A Weekend at The Lab

The Lab, that place you never think about (oh yeah, that place!) on 16th and Capp, is hosting two awesome events this weekend:

First, Friday night!  Mi Ami party!  Dudes are putting out a new 12″.  The evening will also feature bearded boy wonder Tristes Tropiques.  Flyer below, but don’t stare too long; Magic Eye don’t work if you’re not relaxed.

Second, Saturday night!  A live Tetris Tournament!  They’re gonna project that shit on a wall and name a winner by the end of the night.  Music by Microfiche, White Cloud, and Middle D.

Below, a classic Tetris conundrum.  I leave it to you, reader, to solve.  See if you can figure out what to do with that next piece (hint: Zepler doubling isn’t the answer).

Okay, talk to you guys later!

The End of Art


Local heroes Triste Tropiques and Sex Pigeon debut a new performance art piece at Baer Ridgway.

(Image courtesy of the talented Plug 1)